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Permission to upload to browser?

A topic by TeasJams created Nov 06, 2017 Views: 180 Replies: 6
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I emailed a query, but now with the submission period coming to a close I figured I would give this a go. I would like to deploy to the browser, but I have more than the 500 file limit. The total game size file is 139mb. Any way to get this done before the IGMC game submission period is up?


Hello just1witness!

I have the same problem - let's hope somebody sees this :)

Here's to hoping! It's getting close to the point of no return!

Haha, yeah :D

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I just settled with uploading the file and setting it up, in hopes that it will work if gives permission. Since I won't be able to change anything later. :)

EDIT: Never mind, that gives an error message at the top of the screen. Oh well...

Yeah... well, it would have been nice :D


Hello, I strongly recommend uploading larger games for download and not embedding them into the browser. It's a poor user experience for people trying to play a larger game in their browser. If you need to late submit to IGMC then you'll need to reach out to the jam hosts.