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Hasty Melons - A watermelon racing game [Local Multi][Single Player]

A topic by Minitrope created Feb 07, 2016 Views: 2,453 Replies: 14
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EDIT: Hasty Melons has been greenlit! Jump to the last post.

Hallo everyone!

Last week, I published my first game ever and as I plan to publish a game per month, here is what I am working on for february. The game is called "Hasty Melons" and will be a racing games with rolling melons!

The game is inspired by an old game in Gmod. It also takes inspiration from Micro Maniacs, a game that I personnaly love.

For now I have a good prototype of a rolling melon and quickly I figured I needed a level editor. Thus I'm focusing on that for now. Here is a sneak peak at block editing:

The editor is quite raw but will allow me to experiment a bit faster and iterate on the gameplay.

In the end, I hope the editor will help people create their own tracks :)



I did not update for a long time due to severe procrastination. But here I am and the last days I did some serious work on the AI of my melons.
Here is a gif of an autonomous watermelon running in a simple circuit:

This is taken directly from the editor. The numbers displayed refer to the distance until the next checkpoint as I used the sample algorithm for path finding. You can see them changing when the melon reaches a checkpoint (the yellow cubes).

I'm pretty satisfied with the result since the AI is better than me at this game. So much that I will need to artificially lower its maximum speed to draw a better learning curve for the player. Here is a gif where you can see me running against the AI (I'm the one taking shortcuts):

At full speed, I expect the AI to be really tough and the player will need to give everything and use shortcuts to beat it :)
Now that the editor is "good enough" to help me design tracks, I will focus on the main gameplay by implementing laps, power ups, etc.

Last but not least, I'm on twitter (@minitrope), if you feel like following me, that would be much appreciated (I almost exclusively tweet about games).

Thanks for reading :)

Oh, hey, you're using the BGE. Cool! If I may ask, what made you decide to go with the BGE for this project?

(For those who don't know, BGE stands for Blender Game Engine. Yes, Blender has a game engine!)

Hey SolarLune! The short answer: Blender is the tool I know the most when it comes to game creation.

Long answer: For my last game I wanted something in 3D so I had to know how to model stuff on my own. Thus I started to learn how to use Blender. And then I heard about the BGE so I gave it a try.
While the BGE is definitely not the best engine out there, it's the most straight forward tool I could use since I knew a bit of Blender already. It's also really pleasant to not have to switch between tools: everything is in one place (or almost). Moreover I knew python already so I could jump straight into making more complex stuff if needed. And finally, it's free software and it's a big plus for me.

For those out there who would like to start making simple 3D games, I would really recommend them to give Blender a go. And if you have concerns about python, well, I'm doing some AI stuff in my game and it still run at 60 fps so it's all good for now :)

I used to use the BGE as my main tool for years as well, but it had some issues that I wasn't satisfied with. I'm not sure of the current state of the BGE at the moment, so I can't say for sure how it is anymore. My main problem was with crashes on a system, and being unable to debug it (because the codebase is a bit large, to say the least, haha). Maybe the issue was the user didn't have the windows C++ redistributable.

In any case, I would recommend that you test on a variety of different users' machines to ensure that the game runs smoothly.

Anyway, keep it up!


It's update time! These past days I worked on the power ups.

The first one is the knife:

YES, this is a GIANT KNIFE. With it you shall DRINK THE TASTY BLOOD OF YOUR WATERMELONS ENEMIES. Once you get this power up, a lock icon will appear so you can choose a near-by target. Once activated a giant knife will spawn and if you're lucky enough it will slice the melon in 2.

The second power up is the shockwave:

It can be a really powerful attack if you use it correctly. In the gif above, you can see me using it on 3 running AI. They fall down the path and will respawn soon afterward at the last checkpoint.
The power up are earned via various crates available on the track. Here is a screen of it in Blender:

Breaking them will randomly give you a power up. The icon in the top right will show you wich one (for now it's just a square of color).

I also wanted to fix the dead camera angles. For that I came up with a see-through effect. I had to reiterate on it a few times before getting something good enough and useful. Here you can see the result:

Now I need to refine the powerups, add their icons, make the AI use them and modelize the checkpoints. I'm getting close to a playable version of the game. There are still many things to work on though. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it :)

Hi! I received your email about the textures but after try to reply i get a "returned delivery" seems maybe there any problem inyour inbox?

Well, i edit the textures to be clrear, they are CC0, so no problem to use them in the project you are working, enjoy! ;)

Hello folks!

This last week I spent time applying Kronbits' texture on my map blocks and I have to say the result is quite pleasing. Look at this:

So shoutout to Kronbits for his gorgeous textures. As you can see in the last pic, I also replaced the checkpoints by flags.
I also put a few crates on the track to deliver powerups and implemented a basic sliced/death animation for the watermelons. The game is getting there.

Next tuesday I will show my game to players so I can gather early feedback. The event is called Talk & Play. If you happen to be in Berlin, feel free to pass by to get the opportunity to play the game and other cool ones as well :)

And to conclude this post, here is a 1+ min long gameplay footage:
Enjoy :)

Guten Tag everybody!

It's been almost 2 weeks since I posted an update. But I was not procrastinating, no no no. Actually I had a problem with my internet connection at home so I had no other choice to go forward with the game if I did not want to get bored :)
I have tons of new stuff. First off, I worked a lot on the power ups:

The Arrow: it's does not kill you but it stays for a few seconds and is part of your body collision. It can be a really pain in the ass when you have to take narrow path or avoid corners.

The Wings: it allows you to infinite jump for a few seconds giving you a real big advantage. This powerup is one of my favorite and has been suggested by a person who played the game. I found the idea really good, especially since I wanted to find something that could help you avoid falling over :)

The Wolf Trap: well, it's a wolftrap, so if you roll on itm you will be crushed to death.

The "Everyone is a giant watermelon": this powerup makes everyone a big fatty and juicy watermelon. Those affected are slowed down and can't jump anymore until the spell wears off.

The Ghost: turns you into a ghost melon so you can go through knifes, wolf traps and other melons. However since you're a ghost you can't destroy crates anymore thus preventing you from having a power up during the spell.

I also improved a lot of other things:

  • The AI can use the majority of the power ups in relevant situations
  • Melons have now an outline so you can distinguish them. Each one has it's own color.
  • The lock has its own sprite now (with your associated color)
  • I added a circle glow to indicate the power up you have to reach next
  • The camera is not completely centered on the player but tries to show a bit where they're supposed to go
  • A big problem during play test has been players not knowing in which direction to go, hence the new added arrow planks
  • I fixed the jump. Before you could infinitely jump around but now you have to be on the ground
  • I added numerous sounds effect to give more "juice" to the game

I really had fun while working on all of that. Thanks for reading :)

Ahoy everybody!

This past weeks I've worked on producing more content (i.e more tracks) with differents levels of difficulty.
Here are some pictures/gifs:

I modelized a few more blocks to make nice bridges

A new track I call "The ruins". An easy one.

That's all for now but I work hard to produce compelling tracks and features. Next is: more tracks and traps. Stay tuned!

Ohai! Long time no see.

I had 2 months away from the game but recently started working on it again. I try to focus my efforts on getting visuals and items up to something I can show in a trailer very soon.

First, a little diorama to show all the cool things I worked on:

I worked on a few traps:

- A stomping gauntlet

- A pendulum blade

- A opening hatch (not shown)

I also finally UV mapped the wooden bridges and added a skybox.

I got myself a nice drawing tablet 2 weeks ago and had a lot of fun with Krita. This allowed me to hand paint critical parts, like the knife blade and the gauntlet.

My goal right now, as I said earlier, is to make a trailer so I can push the game on greenlight. I hope you like what you see, you can follow me on twitter (@minitrope) or on ( if you want to see more daily progress.

Hey everyone, I finally made a trailer and put the game on steam greenlight, any vote would be greatly appreciated :)

Good Morning everyone!

Let's start this week with the latest things I added to Hasty Melons:

  • As requested by Steam Greenlight voters, I added more "melon gore"
  • Added a new block, a trampoline, opening the way to more complex and fun tracks
  • Started to work on cogs blocks

Here is a quick video to show all that:

By the way, the game still need your vote on greenlight!

Hasty Melons has been greenlit! Thanks for everyone who voted.

I'm still working on the game and recently started to take care of the progression system (a.k.a maps unlocking).
Here are an older video showing other things as well:

I post more regular stuff on twitter, so follow @minitrope!

Tons on progress has been made since the last time:

- A lot of work on the menus to select tracks, to show score boards

- Victory screen for the single player mode

- Cleanup of the powerup code

And last but not least, Hasty Melons have now a local multiplayer mode. It has still some rough edges, but everything is in place right now and just some polishing is neded.

Take a look at this short devlog video to see how it runs: