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Package GameMaker rooms and load them as you please · By YellowAfterlife

Tilemap Collision

A topic by Banensoft created Aug 09, 2021 Views: 343 Replies: 3
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Hello. I’m using GameMaker Studio I've some issues when I load a room: 

  • I'm using tilemap collision but when I load a new room (with the collision layer have same name), it is create as new layer. How can I keep same id to keep collisions?
  • Can't execute code for inst_725338A6:Properties - please assign an evaluator script to room_pack_eval_script (see doc). I have seen the documentation but the function:  room_pack_eval_script = live_execute_string; don't shows any error message. It appears several times with other objects. Can it have "Variable Definitions"?
  • Can rooms be progressively deleted? I load the rooms and I would like to free up memory as you go forward and load new rooms.

Sorry for my English, and thanks in advance.

  1. In the latest update I added room_pack_reuse_tilemaps that you can set to true before loading if you want tiles to go into existing tilemaps over creating new ones. I’ll mention it in documentation for the next release.
  2. If it says “please assign an evaluator script”, that means that your room_pack_eval_script = doesn’t run by the time you are trying to load a room via GMRoomPack.
  3. You can see a handful of room_pack_store_* functions in the documentation - you can remember what each room loaded and then delete that.

Thanks for your reply.

  1. Yes, I tried this variable yesterday but it causes this issue when I put it as true: 
  2. Yes if I don't assign an script to the variable "room_pack_eval_script", appears this message but if I call "room_pack_eval_script = live_execute_string", the GMLive window, don't shows any error:GMLive
  3. I was so distracted by the other issues that I didn't read that part of the documentation. 

Thank you again!

  1. If you are trying to stack rooms horizontally next to each other, you’ll need to use room_pack_store_* to keep track of currently loaded tilemaps (so that you can check for collisions with each).
  2. GMLive server wouldn’t show anything in this case - any errors go into Output, as the window says.