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I have doubts with the documentation and I don't understand it very well when it comes to assigning integrated functions. Can I put live functions created within the create script of a particular object?

Greetings and thanks in advance.

Thanks for your reply.

  1. Yes, I tried this variable yesterday but it causes this issue when I put it as true: 
  2. Yes if I don't assign an script to the variable "room_pack_eval_script", appears this message but if I call "room_pack_eval_script = live_execute_string", the GMLive window, don't shows any error:GMLive
  3. I was so distracted by the other issues that I didn't read that part of the documentation. 

Thank you again!

Hello. I’m using GameMaker Studio I've some issues when I load a room: 

  • I'm using tilemap collision but when I load a new room (with the collision layer have same name), it is create as new layer. How can I keep same id to keep collisions?
  • Can't execute code for inst_725338A6:Properties - please assign an evaluator script to room_pack_eval_script (see doc). I have seen the documentation but the function:  room_pack_eval_script = live_execute_string; don't shows any error message. It appears several times with other objects. Can it have "Variable Definitions"?
  • Can rooms be progressively deleted? I load the rooms and I would like to free up memory as you go forward and load new rooms.

Sorry for my English, and thanks in advance.

I like it! Keep going =)