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No results in "search for game" bar.

A topic by Oscar Celestini SHOP created Oct 29, 2017 Views: 300 Replies: 7
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Hi everibody, i've got an issue with the search bar, i've got 3 project in my page, but if i look for them in the bar only 1 appear.
Broken core (the third) it's ok, the other 2 no way: Black Jewel, Blue square gals.
If i tape my name as a creator, it results but says 1 project instead of 3.
What can i do to solve the problem?
Thanks in advance, i'm going mad! XD


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Released my game today. Received an email from "Hello Yuri Tuzov, congratulations on publishing Corners 3x4 to ...".

But I can not find any traces of my game and creator(me) on the site. (((


We must wait a response from administrators, maybe Tomorrow... I was thinking in the regular waiting of the new subscribers, but  today in the same instanct i published the third project it appeared in the search bar, so i sure made something wrong in the precedent 2... :(


Oscar, Yuri, both of you are selling games, with a minimum price set. They have to be manually reviewed before appearing in searches and listings. It's odd that your 3rd game shows up at all, Oscar, if the other two haven't made it through the queue yet.


At the moment all the 3 are visible in the search bar awesome! So for next games i've got just to wait a couple of days and everithing will be ok correct? Thanks for the prompt reply! (sorry for annoing, i'm new and i've got to understand all this small things, i'll disturb each day a little less, promise XD)



I was wondering about this too. At any rate, it isn't very clear that there is a manual review. Why isn't there a 'in review' state. Now it simply looks as though the project has been published, but doesn't show up in search results.


spent half a day to understand what I did wrong


Sorry for the confusion everyone. Your game is published and can be accessed directly by URL as soon as you select publish. It may take some time for your game to get indexed by the main site though. Even if your game isn't listed yet I still recommend sharing it with people since any attention it gets will contribute to your games popularity once it's in our index.

I'll look into making this more clear

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