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Nakawak: Grayscale Edition

A topic by Anxious Neck Games created Oct 21, 2017 Views: 157 Replies: 4
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Nakawak: Grayscale Edition released on Steam on October 11th. Here's the link to the storefront.

Steam Store: Store:

Also, I wanted to note that Nakawak's prequel is on as well.

Product Descriptions:


NAKAWAK is a Metroidvania that pays homage to the original GameBoy, keeping as true to the retro aesthetic as possible and featuring good, oldschool challenge.
The player's success is highly dependent on his or her willingness to learn the lay of the land. The Undercity is big, but not so large that it becomes convoluted.
The Undercity is a sprawling, interconnected, semi-open-world environment teeming with (mostly) hostile lifeforms. NAKAWAK is unique. He has had an awakening of sorts. He has discovered the meaning of "I." He has found a sense of "self."

Alone in a hostile world filled with monstrous beings, NAKAWAK (a skeleton comprised of an odd assortment of bones) knows his purpose: Defeat the Three Beasts and the Seal will fail, opening the way to the surface and freedom!

Explore! Power Up! Escape!

NAKAWAK is a retro game displaced in time.


  • Fully exploreable, semi-open-world environment!
  • A simple in-game map that is great for course correcting without spoiling the adventure and surprises!
  • A dark, minimalist storyline told through few words and memorable set pieces!
  • Three to four hours of to the point, all killer, no filler gameplay experience!
  • Simple, GameBoy style chiptune soundtrack!
  • Nearly 20 upgrades and powerups to procure!
  • A broad and wild bestiary of creatures to exterminate!
  • Three huge bosses to battle, each more challenging than the last!
  • Crawl through tight, winding tunnels with NAKAWAK's charming dog form!
  • Turn the HUD off/on on the fly with the press of the "SELECT" button!
  • Enter / Exit fullscreen mode on the fly with Alt+ENTER!

Space Child:

Space Child is a Metroid II inspired exploration platformer. Follow Penelope Ford, the last human in the galaxy, as she pursues the alien lifeforms who brought about Earth's destruction. Human life has been harvested. Ford's child was among those who were taken. 

On the surface of a habitable asteroid planet you will:

  • Challenge three unique bosses.
  • Defeat over 20 different enemies.
  • Procure four powerful upgrades.
  • Collect over 25 health and ammo powerups.
  • And featuring over four hours of gameplay!

The Asteroid-Planet is teeming with also hungers for your death. Pursue the aliens! Save the mother's child! And find vengeance!


Good luck! You might want to also remind people where your game is on, and what it's about.

Thank you! I added the store link and product descriptions for my games. Good idea. :)


Thanks for updating your post, can you include a direct link to your project in your post so it will appear on the list of topics?

Got it. The links are directly to the projects now. :)