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What should I use for game art?

A topic by Slipperyfrog created Oct 20, 2017 Views: 435 Replies: 8
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Hi I am a programmer so I haven't done much artwork for games yet, this is something that I would like to get into but I have no idea what software I should use,  I would really like suggestions.


That depends on the kind of art you're considering. 3D? 2D? And what style, pixel or vector? I've done everything from drawing in Inkscape and painting in GIMP to hand-coding SVG files and using pre-rendered POV-Ray scenes. Other developers have been successful with scanned pencil drawings. So think about your goals and preferences.

I wouldn't object to  2D or 3D however the game that I am working on right now is 2D so I think that I will start there.  I think that I will try out pixel art. Thank You. 


All right! For pixel art GIMP isn't so great. Had much better luck with MtPaint, even though it's kinda quirky, after trying out Piskel and finding it too tiresome to deal with files in the roundabout way imposed by a web browser.

Ok I will check it out, thank you for all your help.


We have quite a few art tools on Here are some:

I wrote a post about game development tools here:

Also you can try browsing our tools page

I will look into these thank you.

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Have you found this lots of game art there and they also have a free stuff as well that get some ideas.

I like GrafX2