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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Dailies creations

A topic by Romuald created 99 days ago Views: 340 Replies: 13
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Hello !

I'm happy to share with you my work with Asset Forge.

Yesterday daily : Bench
Sketchfab's model

Today daily : Castle Ruins

If you know a good host, I can share the ".model".

Maybe more work soon.

Enjoy ! :)

Hello !
Today's daily : Television
Sketchfab's model

Enjoy !

That's really nice!

Thanks :)

Hello !
Today's idea is : Stove
Sketchfab's model

Have a nice day !

Today's idea : Office chair
Sketchfab's model
I decided to export to .glb, it seems to be the best format : it packs the textures within the file

not bad)

Thanks !

Hey !
Today's idea : Brocolli
Sketchfab's model


Hi !
Personal Idea : A turntable
Sketchfab's model

Neat! Weekend-Eekee-Wild!!

Does this green control knob emit light, or it seems just so to me?

Hello !
Yes, I set the little knob to 'Unlit'. As the reference picture looked like :)

Ahh.. thanks, gotta check this out too :)

Thank you too :) If you need any help..