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Thanks! :)

For this model I altered bricks for the first time in Blender:

- I modified the rear-end of the roof to have a broader c-pillar.

- I modified the edges of the hood to get smth like a "diagonal cutted wedges". AssetForge shows some black distortions here, luckily this is not the case anymore after importing it to Godot engine.

Classic version:


Ahh.. thanks, gotta check this out too :)

Neat! Weekend-Eekee-Wild!!

Does this green control knob emit light, or it seems just so to me?

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PS: I want to add, that this was the 1st time I modelled using the "snap" feature. Cant say, how much helpful this is. Thanks Kenney, if you read this :D 

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Bashed together this furious rally beast. It took me approx. 3-4h.

If this model may seem familiar to anybody: I have to admit I was "slightly inspired" by a danish brick company (see below)...

And the "source". My absolute favorite of the Speed Champions series.

Thanks! ITs some time ago already... a couple of hours, maybe 3-4.

Thanks, mate! These models were still made with the version before the last AF update (where there was no "edge snap") so they appear nice on the pics above, but if you go close enough, you can see irregularities bc of scaling and rotating :D

Yes. If you own Asset Forge you can see, that they are completely made of AFs standard bricks.

An 80s 4-door sedan I made in 2 versions: Standard police and "hard boiled":

  • Standard police version

  • "Hard boiled" version

I just thought selecting all parts while holding Shift might be difficult (especially with such a detailed model) but grouping them in beforehand helps indeed. Thanks :)

Wow, really impressive work! Very detailed!

How did you clone the model, so that it’s two of them on one “canvas”?

Thank you all, very kind. I really did not expect such a "wow"-effect from this model.

I made the wheel wells by stacking multiple primitves and  finally "covered" them with a wheel_cover from the vehicle group.

I hope, the following pic explain this a bit:


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Thanks Kenney, this means a lot :)

Some kind of generic 50s 2-door sedan I made. I do not like the roof that much, but struggelel already some time with and decided to go with this...

Nice work!

Really well done!