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[Play tester] [Unpaid] Looking for play testers for early build of game

A topic by PNDA created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 484 Replies: 14
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Hello everyone!

Our names are Garrett and Noah, and we’re two beginner game developers. We’re working on our first project, called Shiny Simulator. The objective in making this game is to replicate shiny hunting from the Pokemon series, with a text format instead of 2D graphics.

We’re about halfway through, and we’d like to stop to take feedback and bug reports.

If you’re interested in play testing for us, leave your Skype or Discord we’ll send you a copy of the game along with an invite to a Google doc for play testers to report bugs on and give feedback.

Thanks everyone!


Leave your Skype or Discord and we’ll invite you to the play tester Google doc, and send you a copy of the game.


Hey Garrett and Noah are you still looking for play testers? If so add us on Discord.



I sent you both requests!


hey i was wondering if you still needed help with this 

Discord: Jared246#0322

Sent you a request :)


Willing and able!




Interested in doing this!



How exactly does it work?I didn't get an invite on Discord so just asking


I can help !




Hmm, can't find you. Are you sure you got the username and numbers right?


Bradley | HAISBMRME#5697

Still not getting anything. Just add me: Ary#2226

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