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Thanks for the fairly quick response!

Game Shop Tycoon community · Created a new topic Dead Game?

Is this game still updated?

I will add it to my list of games to follow the development of. I can't wait until this is fully playable!

Ok thanks!

Could it be translated

I know it is old but do you plan on doing an update?

Good premise, Kind of confusing


On the blog you said it was working. When will that version be out?

Lots of issues. Can't even play yet since it had an update and requires an admin password every time you attempt to launch it. It better be good.

You should enter this into the Jam

if you mean in the Jams area it is because only puts certain jams on that screen so I would appreciate it if you could try to spread the word of it if you know anyone else who programs

it is going to be about 45 more minutes

it will launch at 2:00 Eastern time

Ask questions here.

If you are interested you may join the jam for this background maker here

here is the jam

I will see what I can make

Maybe just release it normally?

When attempting to download it says "There was an error generating the download URL, please try again."

Looks pretty cool.Kind of confused on how to play.Could you add a better tutorial?

So my game jam started over a week ago and it is not appearing in the game jam feed which makes it to where no one can join my game jam without the link.I have it set to publish already.It can be found here

I know.Thats what I did.But I like the game

It says "You Lose" No matter what.Also a simple fix is that  Speed Dec_Data needs to be renamed Speed Dec Test_Data

It makes you research stuff twice

I most likely made a mistake or something


In the update it says "Unity Player Not Found"

Level 3 is SUPER difficult.I cant get past it at all


How much longer do you expect the wait to be?

When I attempt to download it says that the game is unavailable

If you want to lay teasers at what you are making you can do so here