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Update: it is mostly done, completely unplayable without having made it, might fix that one day and release it


  • Removed EasterEggs menu
  • Removed EasterEgg Buttons" :(

I am making a Fallout thing for personal use with this as my biggest inspiration, thanks

Can you add a wars only mode where they wont make peace? Specifically having it something you can turn on or off mid game

Also you should let custom maps be saved locally so they can be loaded back up later

Could you add a North America map?

Like the map in the background of the game page

Further, in the core regions map mode what does the colored land outside the polity mean

Whats the button to go to fantasy mapmode? I did it on accident somehow


Wow that was fast, nice! This is a fun little app to run for a bit, thanks for making it!

And fullscreen mode

Could you add zooming controls and a way to clear the slate

lmao, amazing

The PRC is more Afghanistan than China province wise lmaooo

Love the new changes! Excited to use them a ton!

One more thing, are Alaska and Russia set to be next to eachother? I think it would be cool to have a country spread from Canada to Alaska and then siberia

That would be great!

Also make colonies more likely to choose provinces that border eachother for cleaner looking colonial borders

Tools to mod the game would be fuckin sweet

Just found this, is this okay for singleplayer use?

Hyped, this is my favorite world building/god game I've ever touched, and I even made myself a fallout variation. What is gonna be in the update exactly?

I'd say the level of expansion in that gif in like 2000 years could be pretty realistic.

Seems like it could be useful. Or fun to fuck around with. We'll see lmao

Oh hey, I would be willing to pay for a complete version if it exists one day tbh, like 5-10 bucks

Even on my shit PC I can run it super fast, honestly love this game and am supportive to the end. Once it is fully complete will it stop being free?

I love the game, but why the fuck do you have to block cheat engine? I hate developers who don't let players play how they want, as it is usually them just going out of their way to be a dick

Nice to see you back into development! 

So right now thousands of years go by without much change. Will changes happen quicker ever? I think it shouldn't take a thousand years for borders to change somewhere. Also, how do you install mods?

Thanks for the fairly quick response!

Game Shop Tycoon community · Created a new topic Dead Game?

Is this game still updated?

I will add it to my list of games to follow the development of. I can't wait until this is fully playable!

Ok thanks!

Could it be translated

I know it is old but do you plan on doing an update?

Good premise, Kind of confusing


On the blog you said it was working. When will that version be out?

You should enter this into the Jam