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[SPOILER] Secrets

A topic by FRex created Oct 08, 2017 Views: 77,961 Replies: 72
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So far I've found the .chr files being genuine: two are images, one is an ogg vorbis sound file, one is base64 encoded story about murder for curiosity's sake.

And there are files appearing in the main directory and disappearing after some playthroughs.
Also, I recall a poem or two in base64 (from == at the end), but I didn't copy them by hand into a notepad to decode them. (EDIT: I later gutted the game files open and decompiled the code and got the poem from there, so yeah, it's something, I don't get what it refers to though).
Anyone found anything else?

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I thought that poem looked familiar, that's why (I recognized the stuff at the end like you did but couldn't remember what it meant lol).  I noticed some of those files, I wish I'd realized it sooner because I wonder if there are more than what I saw.  I'm sure the black and white bit in the middle of Monika.chr can be turned into something as well, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it.

I also had a really creepy thing happen where I restarted the game, deleted Monika, then restarted again and Sayori freaked out (restart again for maximum effect).  I'm was legit very very upset about this, I don't know why I'm playing this still so late at night, haha.  


Someone on the Steam forums decoded Sayori's OGG file.  I thought there must be a way to make this into something other than an OGG, but heck if I know how they did it. 

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Hmm, deleting monika.chr is interesting. How do you decode an OGG exactly and what came out of it? It was a valid ogg vorbis, at least file ( ) detected it so and it was some crackling in VLC.

I *think* they used a spectrum analyzer (which I feel like I should have thought of first but didn't lol)


here is the in game poem that was in base64

Open Your Third Eye

I can feel the tenderness of her skin through the knife, 
as if it were an extension of my sense of touch. 
My body nearly convulses. 
There's something incredibly faint, 
deep down, 
that screams to resist this uncontrollable pleasure. 
But I can already tell that I'm being pushed over the edge. 
I can't...
I can't stop myself.



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this poem its kinda related to yuri.chr creepy story

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This is Natsuki's character file if you cut it in half and switch the two halves around then rotate 180 then apply negative color.


this is actually making me laugh really hard idk why 

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holy shit.. this sends chills down my spine I’m freaking out. You know how the person in yuri’s poem Linda Watson IF YOU LOOK UP LINDA WATSON PICTURES OF A BLONDE GIRL THAT LOOK JUST LIKE THAY PICTURE ( yet your picture is animated) BUT THAT IS TOATALLY WHAT SHE WOULD LOOK LIKE ANIMATED AND STRECHED this a real story..if you scroll farther you can see pictures of her hands in frame WITH NO RINGS just like yuri said not married.. and there’s one more thing.. . If you look up Linda Watson and scroll for not to long there’s a picture of the girl in a missing photo SHE WENT MISSING possibly because she was killed?! What if that’s his way of getting it off his chest what if he had the intention yuri did what if he wanted to see what it was like to kill someone im

if you put that image on a cone and look at it from above, you get the full picture. watch matpat's part two theory

nice selfie

put it on a 3d corn then look at it from a top view 

Reminds me of skins in UT99 a bit, they included entire body in one image so the face looked stretched like that and blended into hair, back of the head, etc. like here, as if it was taken off the model like an actual skin.

The base64 encoded story in yuri.chr is a (supposedly) true story, at least according to this post

It's probably still a creepy pasta and prints, DNA and so many unique details = suicide pretty much for the perpetrator but I know of cases where someone killed someone just out of curiosity so it's at least plausible/realistic.

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Ah, that Base 64 poem is linked to this website that some people on Steam found (Sayori.chr led them there), I'm sure of it.  The reference to Third Eye makes me think that.  What that means though, no idea...the website seems unrelated to Doki Doki unless there's something I'm missing.

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Nice job on unscrambling the image, Edmond, but all I can think about looking at this is are her eyes open or shut?

I'm curious as to what you used/did to filter the image

Polar Coordinates in Photoshop.

that's Libitina

Libitina is Yuri I think... 

Her age and traits are the same, I believe its either Elyssa (Of some sort) or Linda Watson

Nice find!

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if you delete sayoris .chr file the game ends and all you see is a picture of sayori hanging herself this is most likely due to it deleting her file when she dies


@superleop3108, You'll get a similar "end" of the game if you delete all of the characters except for Monika as well. Presumably, if you delete all the characters, you'll get Sayori swinging as well since there is nobody to interact with. Strange that the DDLC didn't have an exception route for just having Monika.chr by itself as well.

its because because monika can just add them back due to her "powers"

I thought that was how you "impress" Monika in the poem minigame.

Since we're adding to the secrets here. On my 2nd play through and trying to get cut scenes with Natsuki I stumbled across an interesting "secret" of sorts. 

This happened during the 2nd or 3rd poem creation portion, after Sayori's suicide and the game is corrupted/hacked. I picked a random word that I thought would trigger Natsuki but ended up triggering either Sayori or Monika's chibi paper cutout that was off the bottom of the screen. 

I sadly don't recall what word triggered it but was surprised to see a cutout off screen. Anyone else have luck triggering this?

I also got Monika's chibi jump from out of the screen. I'm certain it's Monika and not Sayori because of the white bow on the back of her head that I clearly saw. I think the word I clicked was "alone" (I don't recall it showing up somewhere else in these mini-games)

i too got the same thing, at this point i know there is a way to get a set of words where you can impress monika and get some secret dialogue or poem but no ending. the word alone works for her because she says it herself near the end of the game, i found another word that works for her i dont remember what it was though

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's Monika. There are a lot of youtubers who got this while doing a playthrough of the game, if it's paused at the right time it's shown that it's Monika by her orange hair and white bow. I think the words aren't different then ones shown before, regardless of what word you pick there's a set chance (I think 1/11 each time a word is clicked?) of Monika's chibi.

Monikas chibi jumped like 3-4 times it was really weird.. 

the word that triggers Monika or Sayori is Doki-Doki

I just finished my 2nd playthrough and i think the word "tears" affected monika's chibi.


I triggered Sayori/Monika jumping up as well, for me it was the last word of the poem and the word was "scars"


Yes, I had it too. I didn't consider it too special, just like the glitches, creepy faces that Yuri seems to sometimes make when words are being picked (anyone else see that?  a creepy smile with monster teeth instead of the normal chibi), etc.

No, I missed that and will look for it when I next play act 2.

I got that too! Only managed to make her jump one time though and it took me by surprise but I'm sure my eyes did not lie to me now. This chibi popped in the middle of the other words after I clicked a word I though would apply to Yuri (I chose to help Yuri for the festival and stuck to it through the end).


I wonder how many easter eggs are still undiscovered 


Oh, I think there is a secret ending or something too I think, I think I've seen mentions of one when I looked into code.

I don't wanna dig it out of code though and I already threw it all out from my PC, but if someone is interested (although I might be misremembering now).


Anyone else get the somewhat secret "love" poems from Natsuki/Yuri on the 3rd exchange if you focused on them properly? On my first play through I didn't get them, so when I started my 3rd play through, I was surprised to see the slight difference and how accepting they were at that point. Just a fun thing I wanted to point out. 

Yeah, it's possible to get secrets poems just for you. I think you need to focus on that girl tho. Sayori doesn't give you one because she leaves early. I don't remember if I got one from Yuri... but I definitely got one from Natsuki.

Apparently there are 11 different secret poems:

Warning: the wiki spoils everything including spelling out all the secrets and even the % probabilities of triggering the easter eggs.

I love that wiki. It's actually made me appreciate the game more by showing me stuff I didn't know even after finishing the game.

how do i delete the character files if im playing on

If you go to the folder where the app should be, and open the characters folder, their files should be there. If you don't know what I'm talking about, open and close the game a few times, if you're in the deserted room with Monika. She'll probs explain it all.

When I booted up the game, I was opening a chocolate bar, so when I realised it said "You are my sunshine, my one and only sunshine" (or something close to that) instead of "This game is not for children or those who are easily disturbed" I couldn't react fast enough because it disappeared a split second later. Has anyone else seen this before?

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I got something like that but it said "you are only partially responsible for their deaths" or something similar. I'm not sure what that means though...


I think it means how you interacted with the characters, but each of their deaths was only kind of your fault, since Monika was the one who did the most damage. Like, you were the one who persisted in trying to get their endings, so Monika is kind of blaming you? I don't know.

The weird part is I got this message after I booted the game up and only Sayori had died at that point

Yeah, same here.


I got this on while playing after sayori died. what could be the memento?

I think Yuri wrote the note, explaining her first time cutting her arm, or something, and the blood on the paper is the memento.

Here is the note i pick up after looking at the game files

"There's a little devil inside all of us."

Beneath their manufactured perception - their artificial reality - is a writhing, twisted mess of dread. Loathing. Judgment. Elitism. Self-doubt. All thrashing to escape the feeble hold of their host, seeping through every little crevice they can find. Into their willpower, starving them of all motivation and desire. Into their stomach, forcing them to drown their guilt in comfort food. Or into a newly-opened gash in their skin, hidden only by the sleeves of a cute new shirt. Such a deplorable, tangled mass is already present in every single one of them. That's why I choose not to blame myself for their actions.

All I did was untie the knot.

I've noticed that there are some codes with "base64" written in the URLs from the chibi images from the official DDLC page. I can't seem to decode them, but i think someone here should know how to decode better than me.

I can't put the URLs here, cuz they are too big. But i can just put the official page link, so here it is:

Just go to the bottom of the home page and you'll find the chibi images for you to open.

Can you give me some more detail on what you mean by "URLs from the Chibis"?

The chibis are images, if you open them as a new tab (using the option from the right click) you can see the URLs. 

Opening them in a new tab doesn't work for me, since the option doesn't come up, but here's the link to a base 64 decoder/encoder:


so i just recently picked up DDLC today infact, i just wanted to talk about a very creepy occurance. I dont know if monika always says she likes rap music at the end but, it really scared me because at the moment, i was playing rap music through my phone, now i doubt that although this game is thoroughly coded and very complex that it would have voice recognition software, but she also said "not going anywhere are you?" when my sister asked if i would like to go to the gym, i will be thankful for any replies on if this is just a coincidence


Alexjoy314 this has  happened to me. MONIKA happened to ask me who Maggy' is. It just so happens I have a sister by that name and just yelled her name to come into the room before the text appeared


spoopy shit

yeah...I’m thinking it hacked into my computer and read some files because I had a file with pics of me and Maggy from last summer.

Has anyone else opened one of the script files? I'll paste it own below but if you want to check it out, got to the files, then game. then scripts. i don't know but it just seems weird and misplaced to me..

RPA-3.0 00000000002919e3 42424242 Made with Ren'Py."There's a little devil inside all of us."

Beneath their manufactured perception - their artificial reality - is a

writhing, twisted mess of dread. Loathing. Judgment. Elitism. Self-doubt.

All thrashing to escape the feeble hold of their host, seeping through every

little crevice they can find. Into their willpower, starving them of all

motivation and desire. Into their stomach, forcing them to drown their guilt in

comfort food. Or into a newly-opened gash in their skin, hidden only by the

sleeves of a cute new shirt.

Such a deplorable, tangled mass is already present in every single one of them.

That's why I choose not to blame myself for their actions.

All I did was untie the knot.Made with Ren'Py.RENPY RPC2.セ.[1]・セ.xレ・・xTEラヌノ&ル]B圃    A 。Уェ・i[1]。F

RLツツメ精B踏埒R、HQ・QTPEQナ゙リセ・S餧イ マ・マォ・s3スケ{Y・j・>(()ヨ\熔‑Z-;rコoカ呰-/.,ノ溥岻E桧ミ「胚賊クtvbn,讎竄イヘ擴P5o|vTqn前ォ榠カZオj {・X胆^・.

・8p・叝ョSョ 鴎tカ乍ロフb]ォ…}ウハエ唳ル゙RTP・ハfkオ・簡・,(・・襌新;3"ロ;・ミGu・ヤト:Jツコルムyトュvヘ ュ樮iQ皂_祁­[m€ュ6トV&逸FYェサm慯e9・コヨ$;2キャPkハハ


eWマ-.(ハ-#|[-ノ・泌愉ィ墮z・ッfV^XVPZ捌K[1]リu・.ィオナ###/span#<ハ/@セ€vmvD帖e拶セ###/span#<・4uサャl\T該オヌ$'・川€ヌgラ*Eセゥq@供###/span#<腰=」uフi格ト^<ウ'薜M剩759アエxj慓栄・オホ話踊丨料質ny(/+、###/span#<詛ラ"笂ヲ・躊ルョYル1・ィ ロ)+タョ・d{[1]・、・-yBy棔フ,>#span###ィ・ニ鉀・CvY~bル従ヲ・襯bOン洞t2ォwテ・越、T・・壼O壟几オ^・Q賣ス宍M・^Gツー^­ャラ苓E1=YフMA PR8テ沮c鏞アラヌ・,ヨ オ・kムfkΣ@ H!­筅ヒメ!$iエ懺獄ャ7オ
CVキ9kヲソイ・###/span#<axoヨヒ</axo"zn・gcG牾#皇Cレ(況ムAm乎塢l-娥8處・゙兼゙B築舮s刑ユ3ハW・ナヌ「アXj\Pサ5棯xCル‑D?    h羌ハリ

this could be a story created with different languages. 

alot of these might have to go through multiple translations before you get the word(s) / sentence(s)

I am not sure if when you play the game without monika if the screen goes into static and plays credits or is it because I re aded monika.chr to the game

So I had doc open during the “just monika” (the one in the room after everyone is gone) and I had I opened up a google page since my sister was playing and I needed to look something up on steam but my sister didn’t want me to close the game. Once I had the google page running Monika  said “ It’s not polite to keep a girl waiting you know.”

i think monika talk about herself tho..maybe.. :/

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I got this one and I got it after Sayori died and the picture named: "hxppy thxughts"

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so when i unlocked the first poem i got this .... 


anyone had that ??? this is the first time im seing this. #sorrybadenglish


Everything is spoopy, but when yuri made the creepy face durig my poem, i screeched and ran away from the comuter.


HAHAAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA I cried when Sayori hung herself.... ;^;