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this is actually making me laugh really hard idk why 

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holy shit.. this sends chills down my spine I’m freaking out. You know how the person in yuri’s poem Linda Watson IF YOU LOOK UP LINDA WATSON PICTURES OF A BLONDE GIRL THAT LOOK JUST LIKE THAY PICTURE ( yet your picture is animated) BUT THAT IS TOATALLY WHAT SHE WOULD LOOK LIKE ANIMATED AND STRECHED this a real story..if you scroll farther you can see pictures of her hands in frame WITH NO RINGS just like yuri said not married.. and there’s one more thing.. . If you look up Linda Watson and scroll for not to long there’s a picture of the girl in a missing photo SHE WENT MISSING possibly because she was killed?! What if that’s his way of getting it off his chest what if he had the intention yuri did what if he wanted to see what it was like to kill someone im

if you put that image on a cone and look at it from above, you get the full picture. watch matpat's part two theory