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On the wiki it details that.

It's still not a part of her route. And it even says she is the only one without an evil end (suicide) and her problem is least explored.

Oh, I think there is a secret ending or something too I think, I think I've seen mentions of one when I looked into code.

I don't wanna dig it out of code though and I already threw it all out from my PC, but if someone is interested (although I might be misremembering now).

Yes, I had it too. I didn't consider it too special, just like the glitches, creepy faces that Yuri seems to sometimes make when words are being picked (anyone else see that?  a creepy smile with monster teeth instead of the normal chibi), etc.

Nice find!

It's probably still a creepy pasta and prints, DNA and so many unique details = suicide pretty much for the perpetrator but I know of cases where someone killed someone just out of curiosity so it's at least plausible/realistic.

Reminds me of skins in UT99 a bit, they included entire body in one image so the face looked stretched like that and blended into hair, back of the head, etc. like here, as if it was taken off the model like an actual skin.

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Hmm, deleting monika.chr is interesting. How do you decode an OGG exactly and what came out of it? It was a valid ogg vorbis, at least file ( ) detected it so and it was some crackling in VLC.

I've seen that one too in game and in the files. I think it was a secret one. It also doesn't mention anything more specific, just coins, food, criticism, etc.

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You can use unrpyc and unrpa to get the code and look through it, it's mostly not shaders but images, text styles, fonts, gibberish text lines, etc. I think there is also some distortion and discoloration effects in some cases too, called/enabled from scripts. I don't know ren'py so maybe they are built in into it, I'm not sure. I didn't read much and I deleted the files when my curiosity was satisfied.

My questions is if there is a way to get some more info or gameplay with Natsuki.
It seems to always go for me:
1. Normal gameplay plus Sayori's suicide.
2. Yuri and her cutting and suicide.
3. Hacking by Monika.

Sayori's issues are explained really well by herself and she starts it all and is central character at the end, Monika has a huge role with her hacking midgame too, Yuri's behavior is explained and shown very graphically few times too.

But Natsuki seems to have barely anything dark actually in the game, just the small events (protein bar from Monika) and remarks by the characters about food, malnourishment (dubious, since it comes from Monika after Sayori's suicide and Natsuki's behavior and looks are fit for a quite stereotypical flat chested tsundere), looking for coins, dad hating boys, not giving her food, etc.
Is there some sort of 'Natsuki route' I'm missing where this stuff (bulimia, ednos, poverty, overly controlling parent, maybe even incest?) is explored or not?

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So far I've found the .chr files being genuine: two are images, one is an ogg vorbis sound file, one is base64 encoded story about murder for curiosity's sake.

And there are files appearing in the main directory and disappearing after some playthroughs.
Also, I recall a poem or two in base64 (from == at the end), but I didn't copy them by hand into a notepad to decode them. (EDIT: I later gutted the game files open and decompiled the code and got the poem from there, so yeah, it's something, I don't get what it refers to though).
Anyone found anything else?