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Yeah, same here.

Opening them in a new tab doesn't work for me, since the option doesn't come up, but here's the link to a base 64 decoder/encoder:

If you go to the folder where the app should be, and open the characters folder, their files should be there. If you don't know what I'm talking about, open and close the game a few times, if you're in the deserted room with Monika. She'll probs explain it all.

I think Yuri wrote the note, explaining her first time cutting her arm, or something, and the blood on the paper is the memento.

I think it means how you interacted with the characters, but each of their deaths was only kind of your fault, since Monika was the one who did the most damage. Like, you were the one who persisted in trying to get their endings, so Monika is kind of blaming you? I don't know.

When I booted up the game, I was opening a chocolate bar, so when I realised it said "You are my sunshine, my one and only sunshine" (or something close to that) instead of "This game is not for children or those who are easily disturbed" I couldn't react fast enough because it disappeared a split second later. Has anyone else seen this before?

On my first playthough, I wanted to get to know Natsuki. It's just her overly cute personality and how she struggles to express herself to the protagonist.

Then, after Monika started to play around with the characters, I started drifting towards Sayori instead, but I never got the chance since Monika already... You know.

Anyways, after Natsuki, I decided to interact with Yuri (since she was the only one left). Unfortunately, I never go to see any of Yuri's endings since Monika decided to f*** with the game halfway through, and I ended up in the deserted room with her.

I actually decided not to advance the game at this point for at least a few hours, since some of Monika's lines were actually interesting. Anyways, after finally deciding to move on, I was really happy that Sayori was the new club president, but then she went haywire.

After the credits, I kind of just sat there for a while, re-reading the note Monika left us, and she suddenly became my favourite character (I know she's the most f***ed up one in the game, but you've gotta admit, that song was adorable). A close second was Sayori, and then Natsuki and Yuri. There wasn't a character that I really hated, either. Overall, this game is amazing, and I'll happily go through the whole thing again just to listen to Monika's song a second time.

Wow, this visual novel is easily one of my absolute FAVOURITES!!! I haven't even finished any of the endings yet, but I love it!! I was pretty reluctant to play it at the start, but I am SO GLAD I kept playing! I LOVE IT!!!!

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Wow, this game is absolutely AMAZING!! I love how the main character is relatable, and I can't wait for the full version. Keep going, you're doing a great job!