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In-Depth Key Options

A topic by Lantana Games created Oct 06, 2017 Views: 147 Replies: 4
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I'd love to see some options for what files keys are allowed to access. For instance, there's a "Hide this File" option, but imagine if some keys had a "Access Hidden Files" option. This would be an excellent way for beta testers to access content that, say, is locked out for regular customers. Or perhaps keys can be set to link up to specific files instead of the full project. Would be a convenient way to not have to make multiple projects when running any kind of test.


Thanks for the feedback. The idea I have currently is to make file groups, and then keys can grant access to them. This will make it easier to add or update files for existing keys.

Ship it!

Would it be possible to do something similar to Steam's "branches" functionality?


The file groups thing I described above should let you accomplish the same thing, Butler can be used for doing branching builds for patched files.