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Patreon Integration

A topic by BarbarousGames created Oct 03, 2017 Views: 338 Replies: 6
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Any plans for Patreon Integration?  Would be cool if you could do something similar to the Kickstarter tiered rewards but with patreon.  This would be better for smaller developers like me as there is no way I could manage to run a successful kickstarter, therefore patreon would be more desirable for people in my situation since it's more passive, no time limits and also has tiered rewards.

I know this probably wouldn't happen anytime soon but would be great if this could be considered for the future.

Finally i would like to say thanks to the guys behind Itch, it's a great platform and perfect for me in my current situation.

All the best.


One way to do this, as I just suggested in a new thread, would be to allow keys to access specific files, filetypes, or files with specific options (like "Access Hidden Files"). Then you could categorize your keys and only give access to certain parts of a project, ie file 1 for low-tier backers, file 2 for mid-tier backers, file 3 for gold-tier backers, etc.

Yeah that could work for certain projects, but for me there will be only one build of my game.  Since my game is online only, players will get their reward/rewards attached to their account which i guess they will have to redeem by submitting their purchase key from this site, or from patreon.   But would be nice if i could stick to one system then i'd only have to deal with one API etc.  Still trying to figure if what i want to do is possible.


We definitely want to do this, Patreon doesn't really provide a flexible API right now, but they're working on in improving it. Once there's something that works for us we'll integrate it.

Thanks for the info, it's a shame to hear that the API is not that great (I haven't even looked into it yet) but good to hear they are working on it.  Let's hope the improvements come sooner rather than later.


Patreon  has released a page for apps that work with Patreon I really would love that itchio supported integration so patreon supporters could access paid content.


Just saw this morning, I'm going to take a look today.