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Cynical 7! An Earthbound Style Modern Action RPG about Pizza Quests and Butts?!

A topic by trisbee created Sep 11, 2017 Views: 1,420 Replies: 8
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Hi guys! My name is Tristan and I'm working on Cynical 7! Thanks for wasting your precious life on my crummy charming game :D


Greetings Itch! 

Cynical 7 is the story of Tris,
a cynical and anti-social failed game developer living in the town of Threeson who has no direction in his life, until a day involving pizza and a party end up with him being responsible for the outcome of the world he lives in. His desire to save another becomes his submission as a contestant, but there is far more at stake should he fail.

I would say the game is a cross between Earthbound (not just in the art style but that it an RPG set in more modern times) and The World Ends with You and in order to have it lean to a larger audience I’m aiming for PG-13 rather than R.

The game will start off light and humorous, and progressively become more serious and focuses deeply on story telling and character development!


I would say the game will be 75% narrative 25% Boss Battles. That's right! No pointless grinding here! Only meaningful encounters, epic in nature! RPG’s are often saturated with futuristic or fantasy style plots, so I really think it’s kind of cool when you play retro style RPG based in a city with arcades, strip joints, and even its own coffee chain. You’ll spend a lot of the game exploring and there will be areas with no other purpose than to make the experience more immersive, you’ll talk with nerds, sarcastic upstarts, and even tango with some “made men” of Threeson’s very own mob!

The battle system is real time, and focuses on fast paced attack and dodge mechanics to roughly emulate the flow of a real battle! (More on this tomorrow!)


I started writing Finale when I was depressed both with life in general AND my game dev success. The story started out with the main character only having 7 days to live, and luckily some happier times came along and I reshaped the game into using me as a basis, but having the story be something of my own thinking. I wanted to create a story about me, but ultimately decided an original tale using me and my experiences as backstory and packaging both fictional and non-fictional events around it.



A mini metropolitan city where many people move to the get away from the turmoil of a large city but still have access to all the major venues of entertainment. It’s got something for people of any age, from an arcade equipped with a snackbar, to a strip joint with a VIP, to its very own mob.

You might even see some familiar faces!

I'm a bit further along on my TIG Devlog than this one, mostly because I'm getting closer to finishing the demo I'm branching out more, but It would be really awesome to get to know the indie loves on Itch and if you guys told me what you think so far I might have to bake you cookies >.>

Feel free to keep tabs on social media!

Looks really cool. I dig the pixel art and I'm really excited for the battle system! I love me some active turn based! How many bosses will there be? Something I do enjoy about RPG's is the battle systems and it would be nice to have a good amount of play with it.

Really cool that you took a personal touch to the game and pulled from your life experiences .I've felt a lot of what you described after during and after releasing my games. I hope you are feeling better though. 

Also is it coming to MacOS?

Yay! First reply! Woohoo! Glad you it looks cool, for some boring insight into the project, this is my first real attempt at pixel art, I've gotten DRASTICALLY better since the project started- just look:

Originally the main character was going to be dying from a terminal illness within 7 days, the game was going to be about finding the silver lining in things even if you don't get to make your mark on the world, being in a better mood and overcoming the depression that was consuming me definitely convinced me that that was WAY too morbid.

I'm expecting there to be at MINIMUM 13 fights in the game, I played Tales of Berseria last year, and as an adult grinding xp for levels in RPGs really seemed like a brutal waste of one's time so I'm eliminating that formula.  I'm aiming at a 5 hourish length, I've found as an adult, ideally this is the amount of time I want to spend on the average game!

If the game is popular enough I'd love to release it for MacOS as well! It's done in Unity so I really don't see why not!

I hope to have the demo done in maybe 3 weeks!


Looks great, looking forward to this. Once you have something up I'd be glad to put you on the homepage.

Hey Leafo, 

The demo is ready to go out tomorrow, let me know how to get in touch with you about getting on the homepage =]

DAMMMMN, thank you so much! I am not worthy! All the art is finished, my coder has other projects he works on including his own so there's the bottleneck, but maybe I can convince him to put some weekends in and get it out faster! Thanks again!

Looks very interesting!! :)

Hey guys! Itch update number 2! I would imagine by the time update number 3 is ready the demo will be complete! (certainly before a 4th could happen!) Here's some new stuff to get you caught up!

-A fun feature that was put in was the addition of a brain portrait to represent Tris's inner thoughts for comedic effect.

You've seen the visuals but what kind of tone is the game gonna have outside of NPCs? Well here is some ACTUAL dialogue between important characters!

Billie and Tris are two of the game's main characters, Billie just moved into town and Tris quickly develops are bumbling crush on her. Let's see what happens!

Tris is having an inner monologue in which he argues with himself, you can expect a lot of this. Boy got issues.

And because I had to, I even threw a Seinfeld parody up into the mix.

Train travel is also now in effect! Take a ride sometime and go somewhere new!

Tris will often have to head off to other parts of Threeson and he'll need to ride trains to do it! Why? Why not? I rode the train a butt load growing up in NYC AND IT'S JUST KIND OF COOL WHEN YOUR CHARACTER GETS TO RIDE A TRAIN AND GO PLACES LIKE A REAL PERSON OKAY?!

As always if you enjoyed this post feel free to follow Cynical 7 on social channels!

Until next time folks!

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The demo is current on Itch.Io! The response has been pretty much positive across the board! Check it out if you get a chance! :D

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