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Looks really cool. I dig the pixel art and I'm really excited for the battle system! I love me some active turn based! How many bosses will there be? Something I do enjoy about RPG's is the battle systems and it would be nice to have a good amount of play with it.

Really cool that you took a personal touch to the game and pulled from your life experiences .I've felt a lot of what you described after during and after releasing my games. I hope you are feeling better though. 

Also is it coming to MacOS?

Yay! First reply! Woohoo! Glad you it looks cool, for some boring insight into the project, this is my first real attempt at pixel art, I've gotten DRASTICALLY better since the project started- just look:

Originally the main character was going to be dying from a terminal illness within 7 days, the game was going to be about finding the silver lining in things even if you don't get to make your mark on the world, being in a better mood and overcoming the depression that was consuming me definitely convinced me that that was WAY too morbid.

I'm expecting there to be at MINIMUM 13 fights in the game, I played Tales of Berseria last year, and as an adult grinding xp for levels in RPGs really seemed like a brutal waste of one's time so I'm eliminating that formula.  I'm aiming at a 5 hourish length, I've found as an adult, ideally this is the amount of time I want to spend on the average game!

If the game is popular enough I'd love to release it for MacOS as well! It's done in Unity so I really don't see why not!

I hope to have the demo done in maybe 3 weeks!