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is there even anything remotely fun and entertaining that is free and on Linux ?

A topic by ohmpohm created Sep 11, 2017 Views: 243 Replies: 3
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i'm not changing from my OS and i find the lack of games disturbing. first off because there is no reason for that lack to be, and then because i'm hearing over and over again that yes, there are entertaining games on Linux and that i'm just too dumb to see them. well i haven't seen much at all. there are few, there are so many that are void of real features and uninteresting, most of the 3D ones are horrifyingly ugly or don't even work at all (i know how to make them work, it's on the producer's end), they're either stupid games or bone-numbingly depressing because they're so boring and empty (like Naufrage, let's start giving names) or upside down and idiotic (like LD32 Time bomb, whose developer was too asleep or too brainstuck to realize that if he distributes his game for PC, he'd better make the game mouse-controllable) OR i'm given the choice to sell my privacy for a few hours of okay content, think Steam, and this is not exactly a concept that i treat with any kind of respect whatsoever - so; can anyone hear me ? can somebody comprehend my message and send towards me flying a game i will be grateful for ?

remember that i have a sad laptop that easily runs TF2 and robocraft but gets asthma in Dead Space 3, minecraft etc.

preferred, action (action packed!), sandbox? thinking (space) engineering. first person shooter! you can add supernatural or stealth if you'd like, but i'd really like something action packed and where you should think fast, but do NOT make it a puzzle or a thinking game.

send any results (if there even are some) to me and hope it pays off

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A lot of games on are written in LÖVE, and even if they're built specifically for Windows, the Linux love binary is able to parse out the game data and play the game.

Installing the right version of the LÖVE runtime can be a bit of a chore, unfortunately (which is why packaged builds are so much nicer).

You could also try installing the app which makes it somewhat easier to browse games based on OS compatibility.

All that said you should also consider a friendlier attitude when you come here and ask for things. Nobody owes you anything, and complaining about how "brainstuck" people are isn't a great way to make friends.

and who the hell are you to tell me how to live my life ?

go yiff in hell, furry. i'm out, this site uses captcha anyways.


This is where I should delete your post and swing the ban hammer, ohmpohm.

I won't do it this time for a number of reasons. But in case you come back, and for anyone else reading this thread, please re-read the community rules (point #3 in particular). We have them for a reason, and that reason is so we can have a community. One of people.

Sorry you have to see this, folks. Just this once, promise.