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Created a new topic Linux

make it Linux, please bitch ? thank you for the nice work stuff there



and who the hell are you to tell me how to live my life ?

go yiff in hell, furry. i'm out, this site uses captcha anyways.

i'm not changing from my OS and i find the lack of games disturbing. first off because there is no reason for that lack to be, and then because i'm hearing over and over again that yes, there are entertaining games on Linux and that i'm just too dumb to see them. well i haven't seen much at all. there are few, there are so many that are void of real features and uninteresting, most of the 3D ones are horrifyingly ugly or don't even work at all (i know how to make them work, it's on the producer's end), they're either stupid games or bone-numbingly depressing because they're so boring and empty (like Naufrage, let's start giving names) or upside down and idiotic (like LD32 Time bomb, whose developer was too asleep or too brainstuck to realize that if he distributes his game for PC, he'd better make the game mouse-controllable) OR i'm given the choice to sell my privacy for a few hours of okay content, think Steam, and this is not exactly a concept that i treat with any kind of respect whatsoever - so; can anyone hear me ? can somebody comprehend my message and send towards me flying a game i will be grateful for ?

remember that i have a sad laptop that easily runs TF2 and robocraft but gets asthma in Dead Space 3, minecraft etc.

preferred, action (action packed!), sandbox? thinking (space) engineering. first person shooter! you can add supernatural or stealth if you'd like, but i'd really like something action packed and where you should think fast, but do NOT make it a puzzle or a thinking game.

send any results (if there even are some) to me and hope it pays off

i want editable keybindings and comprehensive health, armor, and ammo bars.

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the worst part is that it actually worked the first time. then, i could redownload and reextract and reexecute and it didn't work.

Debian Linux, kubuntu 64. checked file as executable and i can click and do and nothing happens

also, where are your fingers ?

he thinks i have money

after playing one round where i didn't understand anything, the game now refuses to launch, joerg.

you should be able to influence the alien's actions, joerg. imagine a right-click. or a middle-click.

your game made my laptop crash, joerg.

DL version, Linux preferred

if it's on Linux, i'll get it.

didn't work for me...

what  do  i  do

that's the spirit! a spirit is the husk of a meaningless person that died ages ago but still lurks around to see if anything can save it.

now that i can see your profile picture clearly i realize that it looks like you're staring at a burrito in the far distance

i love burritos

no, i just genuinely hate my life

thanks for trying to help though, really appreciated

also i don't see the difference between Firefox on Linux and Firefox on Win ?

hold on i might actually just be retarded

thank you, thank you, thank you very much

if by then i am still here, i will play and test the game, and work with you on new ideas, bugs and ways to make the game truly impressive. i just want quality games.

you are a good person.

i don't exactly know why, but the thumbnail picture reminded me of an old filthy japanese adult video in which two porno bitches vomit on themselves, it should also be noted that the remembrance factor was probably enhanced by the sudden foreboding that the girls in the thumbnail picture also look to be quite ready to dispense ludicrous amounts of projectile vomit onto each other, and if you look at the cunt on the left, it sure looks as if she's going to spit her damn teeth out aswell.

i mean i don't exactly know what else you can do in this particular position, it looks like they're kissing and unless one of them's got a DNA rifle hidden back there somewhere in their pocket there's actually a small amount of chance that she's plowing her right here and there. then she could also just be smelling her breath for some damn reason because her nose is right on top of that gaping mouth ready to swallow goddamn titanic. damn.

by the way, does the hand on the right belong to the girl on the right there aswell ? i can't help but imagine the freaky gestures she's truly pulling out of frame, and the memory attached to that one is something of a starbucks whore going "ah ma gaad, i juss last ma selfon" all over again, and the other cunt is shocked at this displeasing revelation. is that one observing a worthwhile spectacle located on the ceiling ? she's surely looking up there aswell, and unless DNA rifle, there's no reason other than boredom to be doing that.

by the way, what's this game about ?

pokebabby lol

you don't need to make it Linux compatible just for me, man. an  incredibly small number of independent gamers actually use linux as an entertainment platform. just keep building content, make the game enjoyable and passionate. if you keep it all on windows it's okay, as long as you do your best.

now this time there IS Linux support, but i am broke...

i am interested! Linux supported ?

you are absolutely excused! besides, i couldn't build a game like that myself if i had ten years...

keep doing good and be original. this might just become awesome.

i love you... cunt

next up, in "trying to be Stellaris"...

Linux ?

okay, but is it Linux ?

where's my Linux support

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Created a new topic Linux.
wwhy no linux support ?

why is my friend called Nigga

i got no cash fuuuuck meeee

y'all niggas don't even know the name of my band


ye got it for maccas but lost