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Why my game's page shows 404, but appears in the dashboard and search?

A topic by owocek created Aug 28, 2017 Views: 560 Replies: 11
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when my page is linked somewhere and people click on it, it shows 404 error, like it doesnt exist
but when you go to my game's page through dashboard or search, it works just fine!

whats going on? 

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I've got a problem just like this today, i can find the game's page in search, but can't find the content or download the game.
EDIT : Try with Firefox ! Looks like Google Chrome is the issue here ^^

Me and and a few other people (on a different forum) have also noticed this problem with right now. A number of pages have been showing 404 not found pages, sometimes up and sometimes not. My pages are still saved on my account, people just can't view it when it's published.

Try firefox guys, i think that chrome is the issue

it went 404 on Opera too, so its not Google Chrome only

Well, that's interesting... I don't want to solve it by switching browsers though.

I dont think thats a browser fault. It happens on phones too, so its most likely's fault.


The game page loads for me in both Firefox and Chromium. Whatever the problem is, it appears to be fairly random.

Yes. I've noticed it on and off. About 10 minutes after the first time it happened it was fixed. I only posted after it happened again half an hour after that. It has since started working, and stopped working twice for me. It is currently working now.


Hey, thanks for the report everyone. There was some temporary downtime earlier today that has been fixed. Tell me if you're noticing any issues. Thanks

Is this thread dead? My game, is invisible to all my internet friends. It doesn't work in IE but it works in chrome for me. It doesn't work in chrome for my friends.

^can confirm, 404 pops out.
Is your project site published, or draft/restricted?