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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark - A classic turn-based tactical RPG.

A topic by 6 Eyes Studio created Aug 25, 2017 Views: 1,507 Replies: 4
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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is an isometric turn-based tactical RPG with a focus on storytelling and character customization. It features striking 2D hand-drawn art and a deep and complex class system inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics.

The demo is available on here:

The demo features the first 2 story maps and otherwise has all the game mechanics and systems in place.

The game's official trailer

The game features over 20 classes and 200 abilities.

You can customize the visual appearance of your troops with a very large number of outfits, hats, hair styles, colors, etc.

The game features a classic battle system reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre.

The story is told through old-school in-game cutscenes (FF6 style, etc.)


Looks great, I just put it up on the homepage.

Thanks a lot friend! :)

I absolutely love this game!

For anyone who's a fan of classic turn-based RPG games such as Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem, I highly recommend you give this game a try!

I love the art style and it's a cool extra that you can change the appearance of your characters!

Anyway, I made a video on the demo, feel free to use it for publicity or anything else. I would be honoured if my video could reach people to play this piece of art!

Thanks a lot Mister-Bopi!

Nice video too! Nice work at the Crossroads. We've actually been
thinking about toning that level down since a lot of people seem to be
struggling with it, but you crushed those bandits handily ^^