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Another gem, as always, mister ThrillDaWill. 
I'm looking forward to what else your brain will bring us!

Keep it up!

Just as always, another amazing game by Thrilldawill!

This one, was a masterpiece!

Open as admin, that fixed it for me!

Hahaha, if you look at it that way.. :D

Open as administrator, this worked for me.

This game was quite the experience..

For being made in one day, impressive work! I think it actually could turn in a nice project if you spend more time on it. 

The amount of bugs and glitches made it quite realistic compared to the original, in my opinion haha. I'm sure you're aware of most of them, but here's a short summary of my biggest issues I encountered:

- I had to open the game as administrator or the game would crash
- When I died, all items in inventory were gone
- Bullets were flying through buildings, and the enemies definitely used aimbot (I'm sure of it!)

I also made a short video playing the game, hope you enjoy it, I definitely did making it!

Looking forward to more projects, and the Spongebob game is next!

Oh definitely, didn't mean to offend you, so I'm glad you found it useful!
I think the game has potential for sure, just needs a lot more work. But, as I said in the video, I am by far no game developer, so I get how hard it must be to create one! I just thought I'd share my experience playing, as well as a huge horror fan.

I do understand what you meant with the stealth games though.. Often the enemies will indeed not spot you. That's why I thought perhaps setting it at night, it would make a bit more sense. And it adds up to the horror element too!

Also, I did indeed screw up a few times with the rocks haha, but glad to know it was supposed to be that way!
I'm looking forward to see where this game will be going for sure!

I've been a fan of dinosaurs and scary things since I was a child, so got very excited to play this!

Let me say that the dinosaur models look very nice, as does the world (especially the brachio part) but that's unfortunately the only thing I enjoyed..

At the current stage, it's more of a walking simulator with some dinosaurs thrown in. There's just one path you have to follow and some parts just feel useless (such as the first entrance between the rocks.. nothing happens at all).

Also the only 'combat' moment, sneaking past the raptors, barely works.. The raptors don't get distracted by the rocks half of the time, or they walk around the boulders towards the rocks, and end up behind you instead.

There's also no 'scary' elements in the game at all. I do not feel any tension, only annoyance at times with the issue described above with the rocks. The raptors now look at you in daylight 5 feet away from you and don't see you somehow.. Maybe make the game set during night time, unknown where enemies might be lurking, watching.. having to move with more caution.

I'm sorry for the criticism, I know that creating a game is hard and I could not do it myself, but I do hope that my words can help you in the project though!

I've also made a video on my experience playing the game, where I critique all the points mentioned above.

I absolutely loved the game!

When I saw it on this page, I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I started playing it.. absolutely beautiful. Both the graphics, the combat, and the message behind it.

I've also made a video on my playthrough on the game, and to share the message of course! Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Absolutely LOVE this game!

I've played a lot of indie games over the years, and it's not often you come across something new and refreshing like this.

I love how it mixes a skating game with hack 'n' slash, whilst having an almost Borderlands feel to it (the intros and jokes). 
Beautiful graphics (or rather, disturbing ones!) too!

The one thing I could add would be a controller support. It feels like more of a game to enjoy with a controller rather than keyboard (or maybe mine was simply not recognized..)

I'll definitely be following the project, and hope to see more of the game!

I also made a video on my playthrough, hope you'll enjoy it!

This game was quite challenging! 

I really loved the visuals and the playstyle. Reminded me of Borderlands combined with Wolfenstein a bit, really cool!

But, the game itself was pretty damn hard though.. It felt like most bullets didn't even touch the enemy from a further range than point blank. Also, your damage compared to theirs needs optimizing. They hit you twice, you're down. I empty a clip and they're still going sometimes..

Other than that, fun little game! I managed to finish it by just rushing through the level. 

I also made a video on my playthrough, feel free to have a look!


A short (but fun!) little project! 

I really like the style and love the character's equipment, especially the cooking pot lid! Very cute.

The enemies are nice too, love the turnips being chopped in two if you defeat them haha

I wish the game were longer though, see what else you'd come up with! I hope that there will be coming soon, would love to play it again then!

I also made a little video on the game, feel free to have a look!

I recently came across this game and it looked promissing, so I had to try it!

Dark Fracture offers a mix of puzzles, an insanity meter and limited resources to help you through the nightmare!

For a demo, the game already has quite a lot to offer; great atmosphere, interesting concept and mechanics, nice voice acting...

The only issue in my opinion, is how dark the game is. Even with increased brightness, sometimes it is very hard to navigate (as your light sources have limits to them), which was a bit annoying and frustrating..

Other than that, definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of horror games!

I also played the game for my channel, feel free to have a look!

I played the game together with a friend of mine, and I have to say, we had a ton of fun! 

Very silly storyline, which we liked, and lovely art style!

I found out that the game even has multiple endings!
Unfortunately, we got the bad one.. Big sad!

We made a video of our experience playing the game, feel free to have a look!

Very cool little game!

Whilst a bit unclear at first, not knowing I had to read the notebook every day to progress,I love how the game build up the tension.

Every day that passed felt more dreadful, as if something was 'lingering' around, just waiting for you..

I also loved the obvious inspiration from The Ring you used here! Never really seen it put to good use, whilst it is such a classic in the horror genre!

For a game made made in such short time, I think you did a great job! Looking forward to what you can do when given any time!

I also made a video playing the game, hope you'll enjoy!

I've been waiting for the game ever since I played the original demo in 2017, glad to see the release is getting closer!

Anyway, here's my thoughts on the game, having played both demos:

First of all, love the new animations and artwork throughout the demo. Something I always loved was the style, and amount of detail put into them. It being improved makes it even better!

While playing, I did notice that this demo did jump to action a lot faster though, and it was so short compared to the first one. Personally, I enjoyed the original demo. It build up the tension a lot more, kept the player in mystery and the unknowing..

Of course, not knowing what the final product will bring, I'll leave that in the middle and up for debate. Perhaps if this demo were also longer, I would prefer this one, who knows.

I was happy to see that some of the puzzles made it to the new demo too. It really brought some nostalgia to me and am curious to see more of these when it is completed!

I've also made a new playthrough on the new demo, hope you enjoy it!

Best of luck with the remaining last months before release, I'll be back to check out the full game! 

This game is exactly what I look for in a horror game!

The entire game you have a feeling someone will get to you, see the body, but it doesn't. Yet, at the end, all unfolds so well, in a dark, disturbing way..

It does not rely on jumpscares, but has this feeling of dread over you, the atmosphere really plays a huge roll, which I love.

Honestly a great game, short, but so well developed towards the end!

As others, I too made a video on my experience playing it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and looking forward to any next volumes!

Ah I see, that makes sense! I disputed the claim under fair use, but we'll see how they reply to it.
Funny thing is that it is a completely different company that opened the claim, so I have no clue if they're connected or not. 

You could always check out YouTube's audio library. They have a wide variety of license free music and sounds you can use and can commercialize on. I use it whenever a copyright claim is opened, just replace it and upload the new video. 

Anyway, we'll see how it turns out haha, thanks for the reply, I appreciate it!

Hey there!

I just got a copyright claim on my video for the music used in the boss fight (claimant: Exploration Group LLC_Sound Recordings - on behalf of Parry Music Library).

Just wanted to check if this is legit and if you did indeed use licensed music in your game or if you made it yourself, have the rights to it etc.

If you did use someone else's, then it's unfortunate for me, but also want to tell you to be careful with it. Especially if you plan to sell the game at some point, licensed music can get you in trouble for legal reasons.
It also really causes a problem for YouTubers, as we get claims and can't dispute them in this case, which means losing revenue. Just a tip for future projects! 

Still a fan of the game though!

Very fun and interesting game, but it has some flaws.

First of all, let me start by saying I love the concept of this! Very funny and unique. I like that!

The game itself ran really smooth too, had great visuals and loved the enemy variation, the animations etc - great job on that!

However, a couple of things I found out that didn't work as well or stopped me from enjoying the game as much as I had hoped..

The main thing is the stamina. I feel like it is simply too low and empties too quick. If there's more than one enemy, or a stronger enemy, it's often impossible to dodge, and you take damage. Three strikes and you're out seems to be the idea with the health. Maybe it's just not for me, as I've never been a fan of Souls-like games.

Speaking of damage: the flamethrower. It feels like an insta-kill at this point. Your health drops so quick you can't even heal yourself properly.

Also I want to point out I think I found a glitch, but I'm not sure.. When using the arrow keys, I was able to teleport around the map, reaching places I think were inaccessible normally (seen in video).

A couple of other things I've noticed or small suggestions I have, have health drops in crates/enemies when you destroy them. Add a map maybe to navigate. Perhaps an intro to combat to show the different skills etc. Add an option to jump upwards would be nice.

I also made a video on my let's play of the game. Mostly all things I've mentioned here will also be said in the video.

That all being said, looking forward to what the game has coming! I'll definitely be following it and return to it some day.  Good luck!

Really fun little game!

I loved the visuals, the black and white with red highlights really made it stand out from other games and made it a special experience!

Also (Spoilers!), what happened to Sarah was very disturbing to say the least. Although you kind of expect what has happened, the way she looks is so damn gruesome and truly the best moment in the game (in a disturbing, 'oh no she dead' kind of way lol).

The only real issue I had would be the ending. It felt like it was over rather quick after being chased through the woods the entire time. Maybe I was expecting some final twist, you know?

I also ran in one bug by the way. I got stuck at the base of a tree at a certain spot. I'm not sure where it was, as the woods were such a maze, but you can see it in the video.

Speaking of which, I made a video on my experience playing the game, feel free to have a look! I'm definitely curious to what more you'll create in the future!

I have one word to describe this game and that is: amazing.

Although the controls were a bit hard to master at times, and not always responsive it seemed, I had so much fun playing this game.

Just the idea of making the hockey pucks grenades and see the enemy fall in the water was a hilarious sight and very creative! 

To share this fun, I made a video on it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Looking forward to more games like this!

Really fun little game!

I did enjoy it, really felt like I was playing a PS1 emulated horror game.

It was a bit of a mix of Resident Evil (location, scenes, graphics, combat...) and Mad Father (story wise). I'm curious to more and see how the story continues!

I have only three points of criticism. What I missed was a quick turn option (unless I missed it!) like in RE games. It made it a bit annoying to deal with certain enemies. Speaking of enemies, the combat felt fair, but I missed a knife or other meelee weapon. Seeing as ammo is so limited or hard to hit (especially the crawling ones), I could not defend myself if I ran out of ammo.

The third issue I had, was there not being a way to save your progress. I nearly finished the demo, got killed by the cook, and had to do it all over again.. maybe some way to save or certain checkpoints would be useful.

Again, maybe I missed certain things, am I playing an older version.. so no real criticism, just some ideas :)

I also made a playthrough video of my experience, hope you enjoy!

That being said, definitely will be following this project and see where it goes!

Good luck!

Thank you for the descriptive update! 

I really did enjoy playing the game, and can see past issues with despawning or errors in early development.
I try to introduce people to new indie games whilst giving the developers some feedback they might have missed, or maybe ideas for the game.

Definitely a fun little game I played, but at the time it did have frustrating moments to say the least haha.
I'll probably return to it some time once it is finished!

This game.. was amazing.

I have no real words describing my experience, except that I loved it!
It felt like a massive trip through a futuristic train station, every corner had something more bizarre waiting for you.

I've got so many questions after playing this, but feel so fulfilled at the same time.
Definitely looking forward to more of your games!

I also made a video on my experience playing the game, although I had to use the older version (as I don't own a mac). Hope I didn't miss out on too much!

Very nice, short little game! 

I really  enjoyed playing it, although I wish it was a bit longer!

Loved the PS1 styled graphics too, really takes me back to the days.. The only point of criticism would be that it kind of throws you right into the action with the direct siren noise. I'd prefer if it would've build the tension a bit.

I hope you continue this project and expand it at one point, or maybe start a new one.

Also, I've made a video on my playthrough, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

What a fun game!

When I downloaded the game, at first I thought it would be just another horror RPG like there are so many.. but I was glad to be mistaken!

The game really builds up the tension, going from a more funny, joyful puzzle game, to a creepy horror story really sudden.

The art style looks beautiful and really adds to the atmosphere. 

Although I've only played the game once so far, I definitely will try again to discover more of the story and the other possible paths to take..

I'm definitely following the project, wonder what more it will have in store for us!

Also, I made a video playing the game, hoping to reach more people with it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did playing!

No problem, every start is difficult! 

Despite the bug and not getting to the skills, I really did enjoy the game and am definitely looking forward to play more of it!

And here is part 2 of the let's play:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed playing this game, was tons of fun!

The story so far is interesting, the visuals look great, and the actual gameplay feels really smooth too!

There was only one issue that I encountered, where one of my characters somehow teleported underneath the floor, and got stuck there. I was unable to continue the game from that point, as enemies could not hit me, nor could I hit them.

This issue however, will be shown in part two of my let's play, until then, I hope you enjoy part one! I'm looking forward to more of this game!

Truly a beautiful game! I really enjoyed playing this.

At the time, I did not know the beta version was available too, so it is hard to write a complete review on the game so far. I'm sure a lot of things have been adjusted by now.

What I can say though, is that the game looks beautiful so far! It does feel like a dream, wonderful graphics, interesting combat system... Loved every second of it.

However, I did encounter some issues (which might have been fixed in the beta). 

The car was really hard to control, the boat and chopper were no issue. Although I could not go down with the chopper, and was stuck. I could not exit. Speaking of exiting, I feel like the b button is a very odd key.. I think e or f would make a lot more sense.

Survival mechanic is cool, but I feel like Claire gets hungry very quickly, and that food does not fill her stomach enough. Also, when cooking, the item just disappeared from the pot if I was not quick enough.

Finally, I'd like some quest log maybe. When I headed to the museum, my quest was suddenly gone and I had no idea how to continue.. 

Those were most things that I noticed, but again, might be fixed or changed by now.

I also made a video of my experience playing the game, hope you enjoy it as much as I did playing it!

A very fun little game! 

Funny concept and dialogue, you can tell you enjoyed making it.
Nice visuals too, and runs really smooth!

The only thing I found unfortunate, was that the game was more controller, than keyboard supported. Switching targets with the numbers was really weird. This also made me let go of my mouse, and so I could not move the camera, which often got it stuck in odd angles and I had no idea what I was looking at.

Other than that, nicely done! Looking forward to more!

I also made a video on my playthrough, feel free to have a look!

Just as with the other games you've made, this one was a lot of fun to play. Although fun might be the wrong word for a horror game..

Love the atmosphere, the VHS-style and definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat with every corner you cross.

Can't wait to play the other games, bought the bundle on steam a while ago!

There is just one way of describing this game, and that is: it's a piece of art.

Wonderful art style, music and a disturbing setting with a twist!

If you're a fan of pixel-art horror games, be sure to give this one a try, you won't regret it! I'm definitely following this project, and looking forward to more!

I also made a video sharing my experience playing through the game, hoping to reach more people to try it out!

This game is a piece of art.

Normally I write a complete review of the game I've played with the pros and cons, but this.. this is an experience you have to try for yourself.

I hope there will be a part 2 some day, because my mind and body craves for it.

To me, this will top any AAA game coming out this year, hands down.

I played the game for my channel, and have to say that I really enjoyed it!

The start was a little confusing for me, but that might be because I skip through most intros, so perhaps I missed some important information.. Whoops!

Once I got to the actual gameplay, I really loved it. It plays true homage to the old classic RPGs and is definitely worth it for fans of that genre!

Really fun combat, interaction with characters and the general look of the game. It seems to bid a nice variety of quests, and noticed the game is also randomized a bit with every new game?

Unfortunately, I did not get that far in my playthrough, as I got stuck at the gate puzzle, also unsure if that was the correct way of going. Perhaps I simply didn't see it, but I could not find a map, which would have helped me navigate. Again, this might be my own fault as I should pay attention better! 

That all being said, I'll definitely have to try the game again in my spare time.. but for now, I decided to share my first attempt with a video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it!