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This game was pretty funny!
The concept alone made me laugh, which is why I decided to download it.

Now, I have to admit that I'm terrible at platformers, and thus did not get very far in the game.. But, for what I have played, I enjoyed it! 
I liked how you have to obtain the bottles/pickles etc before you can continue and how it 'brightens' the world as you do.

The only thing I noticed was that at some moments, it felt like the jump button did not always work. Other than that, no bugs or glitches found (except getting to the sheep behind the wall at the first jump wall, but that one felt intentional).

I also made a little video on my experience, but be prepared to cringe as I suck terribly at platformers, as mentioned before.

I played the game a bit further after recording and got to the final wave (I believe) and the game is lots of fun!
But it is indeed difficult once the inner wall is broken, especially the last wave, as the enemy is so strong and fast.

I'm looking forward to more though, good luck with the game!

Really cool game you've made!
Everything runs real smooth and the graphics are a nice nod to retro games such as Doom. Speaking of which, I think you made Doom fans proud with this game. It is fun, yet challenging at the same time! 

I have to say, at first, the camera was a little weird to me, but once you get used to it, it really works well.

Unfortunately, I did not get to finish the demo, but that's because of my personal preference and taste in games, not because of this game itself.

I've also made a video on my experience playing the game, feel free to have a look, and best of luck with the project!

I really enjoyed the game!
Quite challenging, but fun nonetheless. 

The one thing I found a bit annoying, was that once the inner walls were destroyed, it was basically game over as you couldn't place any cards to defend yourself. Other than that, looking forward to what the game has in store for the future!

I also made a short video about my experience playing the game, feel free to use it to promote the game in any way.

I'd describe this game as Castle Crashers meets Dark Souls.
Fun little 2D scroller with nice graphics, but very hard to kill bosses (and the game is only bosses). You can choose between 4 different characters, each with their own backstory and goal!
If you like a challenge, then this game is for you! If you're like me, it is not and will only frustrate you.. 

Here is a video with my experience playing the game: 

Very fun game to play! It really reminded me of the game Unturned, which I played a lot with friends. The style, way it works.. lots of fun really!

There were some major issues, however.. The main one being that after some time, for no specific reason, my weapons would be 'broken'. Not able to aim/shoot with them. At one point, I was even unable to switch between weapons. I also got stuck behind corpses sometimes.

That being said, I'd love to  play more of the game or something similar, if said issues would be fixed, of course!

Like some others, I made a video on my gameplay too! It also shows you the issues I had with the weapons. Feel free to have a look!

I played the game and it looks really good so far!
Love the art style, the colours and overall design. The music also suits the game well! I think the game has a lot of potential. I'll be following this project.

Gameplay itself, however.. I could not enjoy it. At all.
Maybe I missed something or it is just me, but I could barely control the character whilst moving. With the back slide boost, she'd go too fast and too far, I wish there was a brake option. This often made the camera getting 'stuck' behind the character and I had no idea where I was or what was going on. 

I like the grinding part, looks really cool, but again, hard to control. Like the range for it to connect on the rails feels to small. She also often jumped too high or far to get on them and then ended up somewhere completely different.

Now at the arena (after getting the badges), the LMB + RMB did not seem to work, or it activated when not intended. Also the X button to break the ESpheres did nothing for me.

Lastly, I found out that once you enter the tutorial or the VR challenges and decided to leave them, the game reset itself. I had to talk to everyone again, get the quests activated etc.

So my conclusion: cool game, has potential and would make for a fun game to play imo. But at the current state, it feels unplayable, which is unfortunate. The controls really need a lot op optimizing.. I'll still be following the project, however, and come back to it when it's improved!

Normally, I write an entire review on the game, but for this one, I am speechless.. It is simply a piece of art. The Holy Grail of Indie games!

I've decided to share my experience through the technology known to men as 'a video'.

Thank you for bringing this piece of wonder amongst us mortals!

I think this game has quite some potential!
The jump scares at the start of the game set the right mood, making every corridor you enter and pass feel like something might jump out at you.

The story also seems interesting so far, I wonder what more there is to come (won't put any spoiler here).

Now I must say that it was sometimes a bit confusing though, such as 'face the devil' and he still gets to you sometimes, but over time you get to know what to do.

I've made a video on my experience playing the game, feel free to have a look!

I really enjoyed the game! 
I think what I liked the most, was the ending. It was quite the plot twist and I did not see it coming.. very nicely done!

I've made a video on my experience of the game, feel free to have a look!
Unfortunately, YouTube messed up the quality a bit it seems.. not sure what happened.

When you update the game, I'd love to give it another try!
I'm glad that my words/video were helpful! :D

I've mentioned on Twitter to write a full review on this game, so here we go..

First of all, I've read you've used a kit to create this game and some people have made some comments on that. I don't mind this, that's what the kit is for, after all.
As a player, we don't know what you did get from the kit, what you changed, what you created yourself etc. so I think it should be kept in the middle as long as the end product is good.


Now, on to the game itself: I think the basics for a horror game are there. Good location, layout looks nice and the 'story'so far could turn in something interesting.

It reminds me of games such as Resident Evil 7 with the old house, and movies like the ring, due to the old photographs, the TV etc. Which I liked.


A couple of things that I did notice on my playthrough, however..(note, as the game is in early development,this is not criticism, just feedback).

1: The light/brightness.I found the game to be rather bright at times, especially in the bathroom. The latter even got so bright it hurt my eyes at times.I also saw some light orbs flying underneath the hanging lamps if looked at in a certain angle.The was also a weird light coming from underneath the bed, which was odd. 

2: Objects that had an issue. The first one was the rocking outside on the porch. It was moving back too far, making the bottom part of the chair disappear in the flooring. The rocking chair with the man in it, when you leave the bedroom moved sideways instead of back and forth.
Some of the magazines laying around the house also had some issues. When turned around, the backs of some of them were transparent, as if you weren't holding anything.

3: Doors. The doors had some issues when opened. I'm not sure about all of them, as I noticed it quite late. The one you're supposed to open with the key, it was kind of 'floating' there. It was not connected to the frame.

4: Movement.I think the character walks a bit too slow. Maybe a fast walk button could be added. Also, the player often just 'walks' over certain objects which made gameplay a bit silly at times. I also got stuck once at the door you open with the key. It opened and I got stuck between the door and the wall, could not move and had to restart.

5: Reflections. Some objects on walls reflected too much or too little. An example, the mirror in the bedroom reflected the entire room whilst the lights were out, as was my flashlight. Another example was the clock in the room with the staircase. I could only see it was a clock when I had my flashlight aimed at it, before, I had no idea what it was, as it was a circle with an odd reflection on the wall. The mirrors throughout the game also do not reflect the player, and the TV in the living room does not match it's mirror reflection either.

6: Menu. Even though it's an early version, I think it needs a menu to begin with. Maybe add the option to change keybindings (people who don't know how to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY won't be able to move like it's mean to) as well as a gamma to increase/decrease brightness etc.


I hope this review was helpful. Again, I want to say that it's no criticism as the game is in early development. Just some things I've noticed.

Like you know, I also created a video on my experience.
There you can see the issues mentioned above as I encounter them.

The first thing I noticed about the game straight away were the graphics. They look absolutely wonderful! 

Although I've always found story more important over the way a game looks, I was impressed by them. Especially for it being an indie game!

Speaking about the story, I like it so far. It is rather cute but also has enough action blend in with it. Don't want to spoil anything, however.

Gameplay itself runs and feels real smooth. Never had any issues or bugs. I like how the game gives you different types of spells. Could be an interesting concept to work with. Perhaps make different skill trees, one fire, one ice, one lightning etc. Fire for instance could be the burst fire it is now, a fire ball, a flamethrower ... 

The second thing about the spells is that I think maybe you could change the setup. Right now you have to choose while holding the Tab button, whilst the items you found are in a slot bar. I think maybe changing these would be easier, allowing the player to switch between their spells faster by hitting the numbers on their keyboard and have the inventory open with the Tab button.

Now, my only point of criticism, although I wouldn't really call it that, is the English translation. There were some big and small mistakes here and there. But, seeing as your main language isn't English and the game is still in early development, I don't consider this to be a big issue right now.

Finally, I read in some comments that the game is unbalanced and too hard.. I disagree. The boss for instance was not too hard. It took me a while to find out what spell he was weak too, and once I did, he was really easy. Maybe a little notification at the start of the game 'certain enemies are weak against different spells' would help this issue. 

That all being said, I'm looking forward to what this game has to offer. I'll definitely give it another go once completed!

I also made a little video on my experience of the game, feel free to have a look or to use footage to promote the game! 

Aah snap.. Odd that they decided to update only on Gamejolt, not on both..
Thanks for letting me know though! :D

I'm a bit late to the party, but would like to share my experience nonetheless!

First of all, the game looks amazing! It gave me a bit of a mix between Ratchet & Clank and Spyro games. The vibe, the way the combats works, the weapons, the enemies..

The game ran really smooth, I saw no glitches or bugs (besides the one mentioned below).

I also liked the save system. Having to look for a save made me think of older games, where you have to survive, adding up the difficulty etc.

The save brings me to what I disliked about the game. Often when I died, the items de-spawned. The most noticeable moment was with the waves during the Volcano chapter. In the middle building, there were some heals/ammo.. the moment I died and got back, these all disappeared.

This meant that I had to remember the pattern the enemies appeared, the way they moved etc. No ammo, no heals.. I had to do this quite often, which was frustrating, relying on luck that enemies dropped anything instead.

Talking about the Volcano chapter, the boss fight was quite ridiculous in my opinion. It felt more like a waiting game than a fight. Waiting for them to finish their different attacks to be able to do some damage in return.. It was really frustrating me. It didn't feel fair, just having to wait, always having to dodge etc.

That all being said, I enjoyed the game. I would return to it, if the things mentioned above were to be fixed, to make the game a bit more fair for the player. Now it is rather frustrating and repetitive at times.

Like others, I too made some videos on my experience. Feel free to take a look!

Fun little game to play!

I really like the graphics and the giant you fight looks pretty neat in design!
I must say though, I was a bit confused at first.  What I missed in the game, was backstory, why you fight the giant and what the whole deal with the DeathWorld was.

The only real issue I had, was that I died when walking up to random boulders that were laying still, the giant doing his meteor attack while in the DeathWorld (maybe an invisible wall or something would fix this) and that I couldn't seem to use the 4th skill or the icon above the skills bar (the icon with eyes).

Of course, this was a short game, perhaps you'll add more in the future to cover this, in which case my words mean nothing haha

I'm looking forward to what the game has to offer in the future, maybe with new enemies, maps... would be cool to see!

Like others, I also made a small video on my experience with the game, feel free to have a look!

Just like Lord of the Aisle and Musical Chairs (...), I loved playing this game!

Although a lot harder than the other two, I really liked the concept and idea of the game. 

As with the other games I mentioned, I also made a video on this one, feel free to have a look!

Very fun game to play, tricky at first, but satisfying once completed!

Together with a friend of mine, we recorded our experience and put it in a video, feel free to have a look!

Absolutely wonderful game!

I really enjoyed playing the demo, lots of cool things to do!
Game itself ran really smooth, no glitches or bugs. Combat felt really nice as well and easy to learn.

The customizing was a bit confusing though, there is just too much to choose from.. Perhaps a skippable tutorial would help in the final game.

My one point of criticism would be that the enemies look a bit generic. It feels like most work went into designing the mechas, and less in enemies. I think fighting the same looking enemy time over time might get a bit repetitive and boring to some people. Just my two cents, of course.

Finally, like others, I made a video on my experience. Feel free to use it for promoting your game!

I recently played this game and would like to give you feedback on my experience.

First of all, absolutely love the artwork and the graphics!
Fighting runs and feels really smooth, nice amount of combos/actions to use, so every fight feels different. 

Now my points of criticism:
I felt like it lasted a bit too long.. 

I feel like there is no real balance between the story and fighting parts in the game.
I'm a fan of character development/background, but I think it should be more split throughout the game. You describe the game as being an action role-playing game, but to me it felt more like a visual novel.

The interactions with the characters you meet, feel too long and stretched, which prevented me from wanting to talk/explore more in the city part for instance, as I wanted to get to the action.

Once you get to the fighting, I feel the same issue. Although the game is beautiful, as stated before, I think the map was way too big. Especially for the first level/quest. I think that, if not immortal like in the demo, it will be very difficult for the average player to proceed. Especially the boss fight. I thought maybe make a small forest part, and replace the boss with one of the giant goblins you encounter throughout the map. Perhaps this was to give an idea of the game later and will change in the full version, in which case I take back my words.

That all being said, I will be following the project. I am certainly intrigued, and of course it was just a demo. I'm looking forward to what the final version will have to offer!

Like some others, I also made a video on the game, feel free to have a look!

Absolutely loved the concept of the game!

Something very refreshing and new, which I often miss in games these days..
Also loved the multiple endings! Don't see that very often in indie games.

The only thing I felt was missing, was some indicator to show when you were hidden in the shadows enough to use your skills, or when there was too much light.

At moments, I thought I was hidden, to only appear due to too much light the next second, which resulted in death lol

Conclusion: give the game a try if you're a fan of stealth games!

I also made a video on my experience which you can see here:

Truly a wonderful game!

The graphics look amazing, everything runs so smooth, and the combat feels just right!
The only thing I was missing, was a destination, a story.. It would be nice to get a better idea in-game what you have to do so to speak :)

Looking forward to what the game has to offer in the future!

Like some others, I made a video, feel free to have a look!

This game is so simple, yet so much fun!
I made a little video about it too, feel free to have a look! :D

I just found this game and must say, I absolutely loved it!

Really wonderful graphics, runs real smooth, and love the ragdolls.

The only two things I felt a bit off, was the combat got a bit repetitive after a bit. Would be nice to see some different moves, but for a small game like this I can understand.
The second thing, which was a bit annoying, was that the game could use a keyboard tutorial instead of controller.

Anyway, really a wonderful game. Would love to see more!

As others, I too made a video on the game, feel free to have a look!

So I played this game for my Halloween 2018 special.

I really think it looks neat! Interesting story so far, wonder how it continues. 
Not knowing where the ghost will show up and around what corner he'll pop up really adds up to the atmosphere.

I only thought it was a bit short, that's unfortunate.. Other than that, keep it up!

Here's a link to the video, in case you'd like to watch it:

Really love the game so far!

Just like Silent Hill games, it's really messing with your mind, so as an inspiration, I think you did a great job!

I'm looking forward to what this game will bring in the future. I'll be following it :)

Just like some others, I decided to make a video on my experience. I was drunk though, please excuse me.. Feel free to have a look!

I absolutely LOVED this demo!

I'm a huge fan of strategy games, and I really liked the idea of cards and deck building for your character, together with the RPG-like leveling and all.

The animations and characters look wonderful, IMHO.

I did run in one bug though, whilst in one battle, a character got defeated, yet I could still use it to move/attack, even though the corpse was still on the same place when defeated. It was in the second battle in the Guild HQ with Eliza, in case that would help.

Anyway, that all being said, I decided to make a video on the game to hopefully intrigue others! Feel free to have a look, or use the video to promote your game! I'm looking forward to more and will definitely be following this!

Been playing this game with friends for the last few days and absolutely love it!
Really like the idea of it, as well as the building (although it seems to have some issues every now and then). Can't wait to see what else will be added in later versions!

As other people, I too made a video on the game. I decided to go with a sort of 'beginner's guide' to help those lost Vikings in need...

A fun little game to play!

I must say, it's rather difficult at moments, but I do like myself a challenge!
Eventually, I managed to beat the game! ... and then again, I didn't. Whoops!

Another thing I loved, was the style. Really made me think of some Borderlands-like game! 

The only two things I didn't like as much, was that I couldn't zoom with my weapon for a better shot, and secondly was that there were no checkpoints. Dying and starting from the start were frustrating.. but the shortcut to the boss battle did help!

Finally, as others I made a video on the game. Feel free to have a look! Hope you enjoy it!

I absolutely love the way things are going with this game! I can't wait to see the final production. 

Although the demo is rather short, it looks truly amazing and it gives the PT atmosphere I was hoping for.

As others, I too made a video on the game, feel free to have a look!

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Really beautiful game!

The graphics look absolutely wonderful and the game itself runs really smooth!
The only issue was the game crashing on me twice within 10-15 minutes, not sure what causes it..

I'm looking forward to what this game will have to offer in the future

Like others, I too made a video on the game, feel free to have a look or use it to promote the game!

Link to video: 

I really enjoyed playing this game!

Has a huge Zelda feel to it.
Combat and gameplay felt really smooth too!
Some things I would suggest though (as said in the video down below) is to remove Requim for a Dream in the intro video and add support for keyboard (the game tells you what buttons to use for the controller, whilst none is plugged in).

I also made a video on it, feel free to have a look here:

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It's been a long time since I've had a good scare from playing a game, this took the cake!

Really an amazing game, very creepy and not predictable like most horror games, which I really like! I can't wait to see where this game will be going, looking forward to it!

As others, I also made a  video on my experience, I  hope you like it!

I absolutely love games like this!
Very easy but fun concept and lots of fun when playing with friends!

I'd love to see what the campaign will bring, I'll definetly give it a try once it's out!
Maybe you could add different parts for the robots you can win.
A little bit like Metabots or LBX sort of games.

I also made a video playing your game, feel free to use it for any sort of publicity, I would be honoured if I can help convince others to play the game!

The only thing I would change, as stated in many comments, is add keyboard support. But I read you'll add it, so no further remarks on my part!

My video:

I'm a huge horror fan myself and I've seen so many movies, played so many games, that I often find them predictable. It pleases me when I finally come across a good game/movie that makes me feel scared.

After playing your game, I am happy to say that you managed to do this! The atmosphere is really creepy, a lot of unpredictable things (the doll for instance) really surprised me! The voice acting is wonderful too, not often that you come across an indie game with any voice acting at all, let alone as good as this one!

I am sure that this game will get far if it reaches enough people.
It has a lot of inspiration from all different kind of horror movies and games in my opinion. The hotel reminds me of Psycho, the TV and the girl's name made me think of Saw and the gameplay itself and the set location reminds me of games such as Outlast.

I'll be sure to follow the game, would love to play the full version one day!
Good luck with the project and I hope we get to see more from you in the future!

As others, I also made a video, feel free to use it for any publicity for your game, I'd be honoured if I could help you reach more people somehow!

Really enjoyed your game!
Some fun and challenging fights for sure, which, as a strategy enthousiast, I love!

I read the review below me, but unlike FellowPlayer, I did not encounter any bugs at all in any of the three battles. I must agree however, on the tutorial part. It did ask me the same question, if I wanted to skip, when I selected it.

Overal, a very fun experience, some nice combat mechanics and really simple but effective art style.
For any lovers of strategy or turn-based game, I recommend giving this game a try!

I wish you all the best on your kickstarter! It would be great to see more of these games in the future!

I also made a video on the game, playing through all 3 levels thus far.
Feel free to use the video for any sort of publishing, maybe by seeing gameplay, others will give it a try too!

Wow. Just wow.

To the players:
The game itself is not scary and there are no jumpscares, but the atmosphere and story really make it creepy and disturbing! Something I prefer over cheap jumpscares most horror games do.
Although the game is only a demo so far, it will have you hooked instantly! The story and action starts really fast, so no endless time wasting on characters talking.
The puzzles in the game are pretty hard and the further you go, the darker the story gets.
If you're a fan of Asian horror, be sure to play this game, you won't regret it!

To the developer:
Thank you for creating this piece of art!
I absolutely loved every second of it. I'm not a big fan of puzzle games, as I'm very bad at them, but this game made me keep on trying cause I really wanted to solve the mystery!
Then I got to the end and ... I got even more questions!
I was really sad the demo ended, I can't wait to see more of this! I'll follow this and as soon as more content is released, I'll continue!
Will the game be free, if not, how much will it cost? And when do you think the complete game will be finished?

To finish my review, I made 4 videos on the game, as you already knew, thanks for watching by the way! I'd love to share them all here so others can watch them and hopefully give you and the game more attention, you really deserve it!

I absolutely love this game!

For anyone who's a fan of classic turn-based RPG games such as Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem, I highly recommend you give this game a try!

I love the art style and it's a cool extra that you can change the appearance of your characters!

Anyway, I made a video on the demo, feel free to use it for publicity or anything else. I would be honoured if my video could reach people to play this piece of art!

Just played the beta of the game, and it's very well made I must say!

The game offers a lot of different decisions which makes it really interesting.
If you make one mistake, your chances with that girl are as good as gone! So pick wisely!

It does have quite some difficulty in it, and might require you to start over a couple of times, but in the end, it's worth it!

I did experience some bugs here and there (in later parts) but I'm sure these are removed by now in the game.

Like some others, I also made some videos, feel free to use them for publicity or anything else!