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I recently came across this game and it looked promissing, so I had to try it!

Dark Fracture offers a mix of puzzles, an insanity meter and limited resources to help you through the nightmare!

For a demo, the game already has quite a lot to offer; great atmosphere, interesting concept and mechanics, nice voice acting...

The only issue in my opinion, is how dark the game is. Even with increased brightness, sometimes it is very hard to navigate (as your light sources have limits to them), which was a bit annoying and frustrating..

Other than that, definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of horror games!

I also played the game for my channel, feel free to have a look!

Thank you for playing and the valuable feedback, glad you enjoyed the game. We already took note of the darkness in the game and made it easier to handle through several aspects, new update will be available in matter of days :)