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Thank you man.

Hi guys,

We wanted to introduce our game.

Dark Fracture is an indie psychological horror game played in first-person, targeted for full release in 2021.

Over the course of the game, the player is faced with the character’s inner chaos – witnessing the world change around him as the barrier between reality and imagination seems to crumble.

Dark Fracture Demo is now available to download and play! Get it from our itch page below:

Thank you for playing! We're happy you enjoyed. Great video and fun reactions! :)

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Thank you for playing, we think you played the earlier playtesters version rather than the newer demo we just released, there's plenty of updates that weren't displayed in your video, and most of the bugs you spoke about already got fixed, regardless, glad you had fun!

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Thank you so much for playing and for the positive feedback! :)

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Thank you for the info!

We will fix the trolleys issue in our next update, sorry for the inconvenience that caused while you played.

The second trolley issue in the freezers room wasn't actually a bug, you entered, didn't use a lighter and due to the darkness accidentally tried to force open the freezers several times, which lead the story into you deciding not to care to carry the trolleys out of the room, and that task has ended due to it, regardless, that shouldn't happen and we will make it easier for players to find the light switch and not hit the freezers when they enter the room.

We didn't find any case of the valve getting stuck in your video (or maybe just missed it, will look again), we assume you edited it out of the video, but we will investigate into the issue.

Thanks again.

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Thank you for playing, great video. We took note of all your feedback and will improve based on it. Do you mind giving us more info regarding which objects you had the issues with so we can fix it? Was it always the trolleys blocking the way?

Thank you for playing! Really enjoyed watching it!

Thank you!

Great gameplay! Enjoyed watching it, thank you for playing!

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Thank you for this cool gameplay!

Thank you for playing!

We appreciate the feedback! :)

Thank you so much! We really enjoyed watching it! Glad you had fun.

Thank you for playing!

Dark Fracture community · Created a new topic Feedback

Feel free to leave your feedback about the game :)

Dark Fracture community · Created a new topic Bug Reporting
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Please report any bugs or issues you find here, so that our team can fix the issues in a future release.