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Uploading a game with login credentials

A topic by Lomaz created 2 days ago Views: 42 Replies: 2
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Hello! I am working on an RPG at the moment, and as it stands, it is accessed via login/password, I've thought about making guest access, for uploading to sites like Itch, but not sure, I don't see anything in the rules about authentication, is it generally discouraged? how have games in the past handled this on here?


Authentication is your problem. You can tap into the API for that, a few games do it, but I can't give you an example. Or do you mean protecting your game page with a password, so that only your beta-testers can access it? That's an option when you edit the game, at the bottom.

Nope, was talking about game stuff, Guess I'll do some digging into the Itch API :) Thanks!