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Spelling isn't really my strong suit, consiter it an easteregg ;

thanks! <

Hello World

I'm looking for a capable artist to work on an incremental game, the game will be available in browser, using the Phaser 3 framework, and maybe down the line available on Steam. This is unfortunately unpaid, but in the future if the game has positive feedback, and can be properly monitized I'd be more then happy to discuss profit sharing.


This project doesn't have a duedate, so there won't be much pressure to get things done on strict timelines, more a "in free time, when you feel like it" sorta thing


The art style is still up in the air, so whatever you think you can do, if you think it'll look good, we can go with.  This will be an idle game, so interest playing this type of game is a huge plus!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in please reach out to me on Discord, or reply to this post! 

Discord:  Lomaz#9670

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Well, enjoy your double money then! :D

Thanks for the feedback Dandan! what do you feel could use some balance?

I've finally released my first attempt at an action style game, would love feedback!

Save data is stored in your browsr's local storage sadly, so changes in security settings on your machine are likely to blame, the game hasn't been modified/updated in a while, sorry for the trouble!

I didn't know that was an option, I'll look into this in the next couple days.

Heya! saw 5 months ago you'd mentioned thinking of making attacks, does that exist yet? or any timeline? :D

Hey! grats on coming in third with this in the game jam, please reach out to me via Twitter ( or Discord (Lomaz#9670) for your prize :)

Yeah? are you sure about that? are you sure it's not a tracing of a character design picture from reddit?



Hey! I wanted to draw a bit more attention to The Monstermash Jam! it's running for 21 days in october, and has prizes! want to make something spooky? come check it out :)


Please give credit where it is due and be mindful of copyright."

Did you get licencing from Shueisha to use Ryuk in your header? ;)

It's like minesweeper, but more confusing!

Hey there! looks like you havn't uploaded the game yet, so we can't play!

groovy, thanks. (Maybe if it's asked over and over again some dialog explaining this on the jam creation, OR jams list page would be a good idea ;) )

Hello! I've created a gamejam ( and am suprised to not be able to find it on the jam calendar ( Is there a reason a jam wouldn't show up there?  is this a bug?  Thanks!

Adblock running? anything in the console (f12?)

good luck :) sorry I don't have a way to export!

Hey there! I was able to after disabling adblock, ect.  note: you need to refresh the page after disabling adblocker for it to work, or maybe your region has no ads allocated? you from the middle of nowhere? ;)

It only takes Canadian Toonies from 2010 - 2012, it's a weird bug, but you'll need to get your hands on that :)

Awesome work! :D

keep trying! someone needs to dethrone ZEBULAN, he must be stopped!

Glad to hear you loved it! and ZEBULAN is my art guy, all that time playtesting has gotten him VERY good at the game ;)

Thanks for the feedback, Since this was originally made for a palette jam, we were pretty limited in the way of enemy options, as everything can only use 8 colors total :)

Very pretty game! good times

Like the original, but with FEATURES!


nah :)

Thanks for the feedback, v1.1 does a lot to fix that issue, will be released once judgment is over!

got a big ol' list of stuff that needs to be patched, don't forget to either check back or follow meh for the update :)

As soon as the jam is over (Dec 6) this will be patched up to be better :)

Very good use of 3d, fun little game :)

Thanks for the feedback! both the powerups issue, and the missiles are bugs I've got fixes for ready to roll out once the judging period is over, it'll be easier at that point for sure :)

you could try messaging the jam host, asking if you can turn off the filter? or asking to make an exception I suppose,. it's a good game, so worst case, you still made a nice game you can post on reddit or something for people to enjoy :)

powerups should be appearing all over the place! this may be a bug!

Thanks for the feedback! nice bug find with the missiles!

if it's too hard, hit the ship on the main screen once to activate "easy" mode! :D