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Best ways to bring attention to your games without seeming annoying

A topic by Nyanko Games created 2 days ago Views: 60
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Hi, lots of questions with people asking how to get attention to their games, so I decided to write some methods here I've learned over the years.

I'd say the first part would be effort. Whenever you share your game, simply recording yourself playing quickly, with no, or, in-game music, sometimes it's fine but, it's really lazy. I know that it's difficult to create high effort videos and visuals, and most definitely time consuming but, let me offer some tips. I won't state the obvious, like posting to a range or social media accounts, but here goes:

- Instead of simply sharing a screenshot to social media, include a short but sweet message about the challenges you overcame in this update, and perhaps entice readers with some kind of mystery behind the update.
- Create puzzles that can be solved just by looking at the image, pokemon's rock push challenges are fun, and pretty easy! These can also be shown on one screen.
- When posting videos, ensure the start of the video isn't the same every single time, like an intro or the title screen, if you're using in-game music, make sure you at least mix it up once in a while. Perhaps add a manual BGM controller so you can choose which songs plays.
- Ensure videos are quick and interactive, don't leave long waiting periods on the video, especially at the beginning, You can quickly edit these out, or use debug tools to skip/speed them up. Modern day social media has reduced the common persons attention span so, you want to be sure your videos go from one thing to the other quickly, but, not too quickly.

People will see the effort that you're putting in and respect it, to a certain extent. If your content, videos, and screenshots scream "amateur indie dev", it will be much more difficult for people to become excited about your game.

I tried to go a little outside the box for this one, if anyone has ideas like these please feel free to share them in the comments below! Additionally, if anyone has sources available with more great tips for marketing games, or even marketing in general, I'd love to give them a read~ Thanks again~