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Game page not showing

A topic by IK Interactive created 61 days ago Views: 69 Replies: 4
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Hi i have published some hours ago my game page, but i can't reach it in the search bar, while with direct link it's reachable normally, also our game is coming soon 30 may 2021, isn0t there on itch a section for coming soon games? 


It’s always a good idea to read the rules of a board before posting, especially this one:

Before you create a topic asking why you can’t find your game in Search or Browse READ THIS: If you still need to create a topic about it, then please write in your post that you read the docs and you still have a question, otherwise we’ll close your topic.

Long story short, it’s always a good idea to wait a couple of days before your project is indexed. This gets a bit longer on weekends, or if this is your first project.

Your project is still public, and accessible through the link as you’ve mentioned, so you can still market it on other social media.

It won't be getting indexed until you make it available for download.

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ah.... that's a big missing actually,  i think a coming soon section where games can be indexed it's a must have, at least games can start moving interest in players, something similar to steam wishlist would be extremely helpful

Admin (2 edits) (+1)

Our “coming soon” section is devlogs. Write about your game’s development if you want your page to be surfaced on for people to discover. It’s too easy for people to put up empty pages on our site which is why we don’t have a page for viewing those.

Our equivalent of wishlists is collections.

Hope that helps!

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