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How to get featured in some way?

A topic by Shadebob Games created Jan 09, 2016 Views: 1,049 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone, my game (InfiniTrap) is on but I have the feeling nobody view it at all. I have like
2.3 visits a day, it is the normal average here?


How viewed your game is depends on a lot of different factors. Games on range from the very famous to literal homework. Some people use the search feature, others go by tags. But most of my visitors come via referrals, so make sure to advertise your game in other venues. Where do you hang out online usually?

My game is also on Steam, this is hard to split traffics from one place to another, but I really like :)


Well, I can't imagine Steam guaranteeing you much traffic either. You still need to do some actual promotion, like on forums and social networks. And then you can promote all the places where your game is for sale. That way potential buyers will go where they prefer to buy from, maximizing your chances. But you really, really have to go out there and let people know your game exists. They aren't going to just come to you.