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Hi everyone, you can grab a copy of our free demo (containing 7 levels and a online scoreboard):

The beta game is now available via App. Yeah, free automatic updates :)

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Hi everyone, I just released an update for my game Infinitrap. The goal of the update was to make the game less frustrating while
keeping it as much hardcore as possible.

InfiniTrap is a fast paced maze game for hardcore players. The game will start off with 40 levels and will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Every level starts with the player character standing on the start tile. The start tile is perfectly safe-- No, trust me. It's safe. Once you leave the start tile, you have a limited time to reach the treasure before the level crushes you. To complicate things, each level will include a number of obstacles to waste your time and possibly kill you. You can make your own levels!

If you like hardcore/ragequit games, grab it and play it at 200% speed increase in hard difficulty :)

Hi, I am searching for a game I have on this website using keywords, I try to type words that appears as tags or are present in the description but my game never shows up. This is normal? :)

My game is also on Steam, this is hard to split traffics from one place to another, but I really like :)

Hello everyone, my game (InfiniTrap) is on but I have the feeling nobody view it at all. I have like
2.3 visits a day, it is the normal average here?