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Am I the only one who wishes to make a website similar to

A topic by B. created Aug 14, 2017 Views: 260 Replies: 5
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Because I think it deserves a shot on another cool website.


What do you mean? Is not good enough for you? :(


Oh, people always want to write fan fiction of their favorite artistic creations. Turns out code is no exception. :P

Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be an admin of the same site as you, Leafo.

I mean, it's not like I wish to be a "co-admin" of the website or anything...


Being an admin is a huge responsibility, even if it's just a little online corner for you and your friends. Rewarding, too (except when things go south). You'll have to walk on eggs, both from a social and technical standpoint, and you'll break things anyway. But the gratitude of people when you manage to genuinely help them is worth the trouble.

Try it! Even just founding a DeviantArt group or some such will give you a taste. Just don't do it only to have total dominion over a playground, because then it gets boring fast, and you won't have anyone else to blame.

I've always wanted to do this. But then again the "wonderful" job of moderating all of that content would be a major pain in the butt.