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So, how many of you own a gamepad?

A topic by sprvrn created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 111 Replies: 3
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Question time (its in the title!)

I'm asking because the game I'm making for the jam is kinda hard to play with mouse and keyboard (at least right now), (it's like a twin stick shooter, but in a side-scrolling platformer, with 2 weapons, jump and run key...) so I'm worried if people will be able to play it!

Thank you for your time.

I have a wire Xbox 360 controller. You might also ask in the discord.

I also making a game in which gamepad control is preferable. Subscribing to this topic :)

And answering the original question: I have an Xbox 360 controller and also some cheap Genius Nintendo-like controller (found the name of the model: MaxFire Mini: .

I'd be surprised if the majority didn't, but that's something I would have just taken for granted I suppose. Good question. Now, I'm often not at home when checking in on the JAM or even reviewing games. I usually don't have my gamepad with my laptop when away from home. Though there have been times in the past I regret not having it with me.