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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

throwing a bit too powerful?

A topic by Ashardalon3 created Aug 03, 2017 Views: 274 Replies: 5
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so i got the skill for more powerful throws

so i thought about testing it out

i came apon a bandit that looked a lot like the one that annihilated me the previous game and decided to empty my inventory 

i threw my singed sandals, the human corpse i decided to bring for some reason, some hammers, a spare club, some knives, a leg and a jacket. it was super effective, it was a bit annoying to go into the inventory every time and also kinda bothersome to pick everything up again, but those bandits didnt stand a chance

so i started to think: that leg really shouldnt have done so much damage, and now that i think about it the jacket might have also been a bit too powerful :P

Yeah, it is too powerful in its current state. I'd like to keep it relevant, at least with weapons and other heavy gear, but the skill definitely needs a nerf all over. 

For the next version, you're able to equip throwing items in the firearm (renamed to ranged) slot. So you'll just press the fire key to throw instead once the correct item is equipped there. Stackable items already in your inventory are also picked up by walking over the tile, so that solves two gripes :)

I had thought the throw key (default is T) would be good enough, but selecting the right item to throw is still tedious every time. This will still be the main way to throw non-throwing items, as I don't want to clutter the actions menu too much for every item. 

just dont nerf it too much

taking down the second raider by throwing my last shoe at him was kinda hilarious x)

maybe connect damage value to armor type? light armors doing very little damage and heavy armor being able to do more. would be easier then attaching a damage value to every armor. havnt tried trowing bread, things like that might either need to lose their thrown ability or get a separate damage value, i have heard a dry ration bar can damage a wall xP

> just dont nerf it too much

^ this :)

For Fool class, throwing rubbish is the only reliable way to get past starting levels :) 

Yeah, my last character had lvl 3 basic(?) throwing and using knives a 1d3 weapon they could do from 15 damage to 22 damage on bandits and most other mobs.

The 1d3 is the melee damage. Throwing damage is calculated seperately.