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Is NumLock on or off?

This is one actually, added in latest builds. Just press "R", given you have ammo in he inventory ;)

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@Ashardalon3, completely agree with you!

Cynapse is making a wonderful game and considering he's doing that with only his solo brain & coding knowledge and just two hands it's far far more than anyone can expect.  Wish there was such a game when I was a kid. And it's not a rush in the slightest, any bugfix or update can surely wait. :)

P.S. Ducks are dangerous, better not to mess with them (video): https://vk.com/video?z=video305181610_456239777%2Fpl_cat_updates

> just dont nerf it too much

^ this :)

For Fool class, throwing rubbish is the only reliable way to get past starting levels :) 

> 2.I like to play on fullscreen but everytime I pick fullscreen it will stay on fullscreen till I leave my game but then it goes right back to windowed mode.

Same here, sound / music vouve settings and fullscreen drop every time I reload game or just exit to main menu.

The stairs were placed on same tile with the dirt wall. The only workaround is to save on that floor (Underground B2) exit and reload save. Worked for me.

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Hi! First of all I'd like to say ty for all the work you do, Axu is a really nice atmospheric game :)


Strategic world map: imo thered be more fun if initialy the map is covered in black and player needs to actually explore it. Also some marks indicating npc's / mobs / items on the ground would be nice. Like small red dot if there're enemies, yellow for items, green for npc's.

Forging / crafting: some mechanic / blacksmith NPC who can reforge mundane items into those with prefixes. Option to modify items for mutated char'd be funn too. Like bring a breastplate and make holes for demon wings or reforge sword and shield for claws, etc.

ty :)