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A topic by Argentum created Jul 29, 2017 Views: 155 Replies: 8
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A topic for just straight suggestions.

Little bit of a chuckles report: I love the fact that, in a straight line, you can chuck a cadaver 15 blocks the equivalent of about 30 m/yd and is especially hilarious considering these bodies likely weigh from 120 - 200 pounds.

And for the throwing mechanic it would be incredibly helpful if when you pressed "T" your throwing weapons appeared at the top of the list so one must only push "T + Enter + Enter" to attack with a throwing weapon rather than scrolling threw the list for said weapons.

Whoops, missed this topic coming up. I'll look into sorting items by type for throwing. I can see that being quite tedious having to scroll down every time. 

not sure how hard it would be to implement but water interactions

for example casting lightning while standing in water shocks yourself 

but casting lightning on someone standing in water also shocks the others standing in that water

would give a slight extra to having wings by allowing you to cast lightning safer

Yes, this is totally a planned interaction, and a big bonus for both flying and energy damage. :) 

With the firearms it is a little perturbing to have to unequipped your gun each time to reload it. It would be nice if there was a reload option when equipped instead of having to unequip and reload then equip again.

This is one actually, added in latest builds. Just press "R", given you have ammo in he inventory ;)

Reloading with "R" has been around since firearms had ammo :P

well there you go haha 😆 thanks for the fast reply.