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Yes the enemies fight back, It has happened to me a few time, It has fixed itself by reloading the save, but it has happened a few times to me.

I have had a similar issue with objects loading in walls and door.

well there you go haha 😆 thanks for the fast reply.

With the firearms it is a little perturbing to have to unequipped your gun each time to reload it. It would be nice if there was a reload option when equipped instead of having to unequip and reload then equip again.

Well we appreciate all the work and time you have put in to this awesome game so far.

Axu community · Created a new topic Movement issue

When ever my character preforms a RIPOSTES i can no longer move afterwards and have to save and quit then reload to be able to move again. In Map travel mode they can still move but when in a normal travel mode it will not move or rest.

No log file comes up just not able to move.


That is how all my logs have appeared from the first time i had an issue.

The sound glitch seems to be working in 0.5.1b but still issues with the full screen being returned to window mode.

sound thing happens to me also

This has happened to me quite a few times and is quite frustrating as i then loss all my progress on the saved game.

The saved game just will not load again and i have to use the quit process function just to close the problem.

Is there a way to fix this or the file?