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Level stats still playing up. Says i have increased to level 2 Blade but still showing blade level 1. 

Love the new random starting building layout :)

I have had this problem with the last two updates.

The issue is with the monsters in the first dungeon. When i clear the 1st level and save and quit before going down a level  then reload the game there are no other monsters in any of the following levels only the quest monster at the 4th level.

Before you could save and quit then reload and the monsters would have respawned on the current level and all the others in the dungeon, making it slightly easier to level up.

i understand stopping the respawn of monsters on levels that have been cleared but i am rather certain that unexplored levels should have monsters.

As always still enjoying the game and looking forward to playing on the latest update.

well there you go haha 😆 thanks for the fast reply.

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Also getting the level up issue. I selected great strength and got thick skin. Not the worst swap.

Also randomly got Axe skill level and had not even equipped an axe.  If anything it should be Polearm as i am a Heretic.

With the firearms it is a little perturbing to have to unequipped your gun each time to reload it. It would be nice if there was a reload option when equipped instead of having to unequip and reload then equip again.

Well we appreciate all the work and time you have put in to this awesome game so far.

Weapon proficiency stats are changing every time i reload my game. i started with Axe skills and leveled it up to lv4 then i quit and reloaded the game and noticed that i now had a lv4 in Polearm and my Axe skill was at lv0. After reloading and quiting a few times i can change between Axe and Polearm skills. So now i have to carry a Polearm type and Axe type weapon so i am covered. 

Also i dropped some items off in a chest and when i checked to see what i had in there there were only two items in the chest after i had dropped off about 15, so lost all the items. They were not in the upper left corner after reload. so that glitch wasn't happening.

Answer to full screen issue on other topic feed. There is no longer a full screen tickbox in options so i can not change the setting for this. 

so every time i quit the game to the main menu it will jump back to window mode. Have to keep manually Alt-Entering to change to fullscreen.

Still enjoying the game after a restart.  And many hours play.

Axu community · Created a new topic Movement issue

When ever my character preforms a RIPOSTES i can no longer move afterwards and have to save and quit then reload to be able to move again. In Map travel mode they can still move but when in a normal travel mode it will not move or rest.

No log file comes up just not able to move.


That is how all my logs have appeared from the first time i had an issue.

The sound glitch seems to be working in 0.5.1b but still issues with the full screen being returned to window mode.

sound thing happens to me also

This has happened to me quite a few times and is quite frustrating as i then loss all my progress on the saved game.

The saved game just will not load again and i have to use the quit process function just to close the problem.

Is there a way to fix this or the file?