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just an idea for the balance

dont worry too much about it, instead of balancing the world around a character build the story to allude to danger in areas

make the difficulty dependent on where you are instead of how high your lvl is, its how i tended to mod my skyrim, it meant you did sometimes run into a place that was way too dangerous but as long as retreat is an option that isnt too bad, it could even give a goal, to one day become strong enough to walk there

it does require a bit more lore then there is now, maybe have some guards patrolling warning you away from a great treat or some peasant running away in a panic shouting about the horror they are running from, and maybe after you stop them and hear their tale if you feel brave enough you can get a timed quest to clear his home of that treat, a system like that will make the world seem more alive instead of just a reflection of the character but slightly less. it would require the story to be expanded, for legends and tales of the horror beyond the grasslands to be found in the villages, maybe some books describing the fauna in the world

its probably easier to do then trying to anticipate peoples capability of minmaxing, but its just a suggestion

the idea of a level cap is horrendous to me

and i like the idea that stats are mostly connected to bodyparts and skill is connected to experience like it is now. maybe have bodyparts get better after some time so that people that refuse to mutate can improve their stats a little? like having a well trained muscly arm instead of a wimpy arm. could also give a slight debuff to a newly acquired bodypart when you are still getting used to it, it would probably take some time to learn all the things you would like to do with the tentacles you just acquired

a lvl cap means you cant roam the world forever and while that is not something everyone will want to do for every game it would be removing an option 

Axu community · Created a new topic breaks and relaxation

its amazing how much you put into this game

but its also worrying with how sudden a burnout can come on a person who gives so much 

so my suggestion is to remember to take a break every now and then, just relax, go have a walk, trow some bread or stones at some ducks, hell ... kick a puppy if you are into that or get a massage i dunno 

just remember to take some you time, even if you think that making this is a hobby for you with how much you are doing it wouldn't surprise me if you had a burnout of this hobby anyway

and starting again after a burnout will be hard no matter how much of a break you got, so don't forget to take care of yourself

i am sure most of the players can wait a few extra days since they know this is your dream and you will be back anyway

3-waiting a few turns also seems to fix it

just dont nerf it too much

taking down the second raider by throwing my last shoe at him was kinda hilarious x)

maybe connect damage value to armor type? light armors doing very little damage and heavy armor being able to do more. would be easier then attaching a damage value to every armor. havnt tried trowing bread, things like that might either need to lose their thrown ability or get a separate damage value, i have heard a dry ration bar can damage a wall xP

so i got the skill for more powerful throws

so i thought about testing it out

i came apon a bandit that looked a lot like the one that annihilated me the previous game and decided to empty my inventory 

i threw my singed sandals, the human corpse i decided to bring for some reason, some hammers, a spare club, some knives, a leg and a jacket. it was super effective, it was a bit annoying to go into the inventory every time and also kinda bothersome to pick everything up again, but those bandits didnt stand a chance

so i started to think: that leg really shouldnt have done so much damage, and now that i think about it the jacket might have also been a bit too powerful :P

not sure how hard it would be to implement but water interactions

for example casting lightning while standing in water shocks yourself 

but casting lightning on someone standing in water also shocks the others standing in that water

would give a slight extra to having wings by allowing you to cast lightning safer

yay! now the minmaxing can begin x)

Generally, higher numbers are better than lower numbers

that there is a revolutionary idea i would have never considered :O

thank you , now hopefully i will die slightly less

could you give a list of the stat effects and the meaning of status effects?

for example what are all the effects of being prone, i have seen some creatures attack while being on the ground (also cant attack them from range with a poleaxe)what body parts can attack from prone and which cant and what effect on damage and accuracy does it have

what does confusion actually do?

how does armor actually work?

how do shields work? i seem to block a lot more but it doesnt have stats so whats the calculations behind it and how do i know what shield is best?

what effect does being in water have?

and any other that might be helpful?

is there a way to lvl up skills like lightning bolt similar to how you lvl weaponskills and is there a lvl cap for weaponskills?

i started as a experiment and got tendril arms

i noticed the way they work changed from 0.5, now you can hold weapons, cool! tendrils spouting out of my arms instead of tendril arms!

but when holding weapons the range increase is gone but also the trip ability doesnt seem to work or its success chance is so low i never got it to work, it didnt even say in the log that i tried and failed it just counted as a turn skipped

later i found a shield and the same happened with the shield bash

sooooo... is this a bug with the new tendril mechanic or is it that my character needs to practice before he can really start to hentai with those things?

ah, your not really supposed to just go down immediately i guess

with a lot of running and screaming and trowing lightningbolts i got to a big room that didnt seem to have more stairs down 

there i met the hunter and my strategy of running didnt work anymore, hadnt met any bandits for knives or found enough stuff to sell and get explosives

the tips vs the deep hunter i have found was to not be on the angle of lightning

but then i cant lightning

he also seems a bit slower then me so maybe i could polearm him and run away a lot?

but he seems to also have a polearm

... help?

when dieing and returning to main menu it is reset to windowed mode

ps awesome game, have only just started but i am happy i found something this cool that my potato can run while i wait for my real pc to be repaired