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Several bugs & suggestions

A topic by Milcham created 156 days ago Views: 383 Replies: 13
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Hi! First of all I'd like to say ty for all the work you do, Axu is a really nice atmospheric game :)


Strategic world map: imo thered be more fun if initialy the map is covered in black and player needs to actually explore it. Also some marks indicating npc's / mobs / items on the ground would be nice. Like small red dot if there're enemies, yellow for items, green for npc's.

Forging / crafting: some mechanic / blacksmith NPC who can reforge mundane items into those with prefixes. Option to modify items for mutated char'd be funn too. Like bring a breastplate and make holes for demon wings or reforge sword and shield for claws, etc.

ty :)

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When i get to this part of the game and try to save it does this... i found it only happens when you get the "searching for artifacts" quest

Weapon proficiency stats are changing every time i reload my game. i started with Axe skills and leveled it up to lv4 then i quit and reloaded the game and noticed that i now had a lv4 in Polearm and my Axe skill was at lv0. After reloading and quiting a few times i can change between Axe and Polearm skills. So now i have to carry a Polearm type and Axe type weapon so i am covered. 

Also i dropped some items off in a chest and when i checked to see what i had in there there were only two items in the chest after i had dropped off about 15, so lost all the items. They were not in the upper left corner after reload. so that glitch wasn't happening.

Answer to full screen issue on other topic feed. There is no longer a full screen tickbox in options so i can not change the setting for this. 

so every time i quit the game to the main menu it will jump back to window mode. Have to keep manually Alt-Entering to change to fullscreen.

Still enjoying the game after a restart.  And many hours play.

There's a fullscreen toggle on the main menu. I'll look into the other stuff

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OK, version 0.5.2

Ghost slimes encountered :(  Saving / reloading helps. Other mobs do not leave ghosts so far. No related entries in the logfile.

Traits menu & gain glitches: 

- got lvl 3, pressed "Esc" on the trait selection screen, the screen stayed just the selection reshuffled. Also this brings a menu screen on top but not every time I press "Esc". 

- Selected Bookworm and got Thick Skin (not that I am complaining lol), done some testing and other skills are shuffled either. So every time regardless of what I selected got something completely different :)

UPD: strange, reached lvl 6 and +Int trait added to the list as it should O.o

UPD2: aha! mr. Akk-Lune's wares updated and among others he offered Adrenal Duster. Saved / reloaded and that very duster downgraded to normal one, losing both bonus and related decription. Maybe it's a part of lost bonus glitch, maybe not..

UPD3: hmmm tried several runs, at some point game starts Saving... for too long and after that the save won't load. Black screen, "Loading..." for ever. Log file: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448824792

I did notice the level up glitch, but a bit too late to catch for 0.5.2. Shucks. I think there's a different internal list being generated from what's being displayed. I'll check on what's causing it to shuffle on escaping. Gotta default to none if you press anything else. 

The log file you sent was clean, meaning you didn't have any errors. Did it finish saving before you quit? Seems like it ran into an issue, tried to course correct, failed. I think this might have to do with the large number of screens it's trying to save. Non-important ones should be culled. 

> The log file you sent was clean, meaning you didn't have any errors.

Will try another run, see what happens and try to catch logfile if possible!

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OK tried both 32 & 64 Win versions. The sympthoms are same: up to some point game runs perfectly (funny, this time no trait shuffle), but then SUDDENLY game saves for very long time and after that if I try to reload it lags till main menu screen (Windows even asks if I'd like to break process), then I load the game and it stucks for ever.

Log file: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448844229 

Seems it doesn't have any useful data again.. :(

Save files, for Win64:

This one is the backup I now make every several saves, this very save worked OK, but now stopped O.o: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448844473

This one is the last save: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448844510

Really dunno what happens, not a coding guy here :( 

Wow, looks like your save files are huge! 123,000 kB! I've never had one of mine go over 1,000! I think that's why it's not loading correctly. I'll have to do some culling for sure.

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That's quite strange cause it's the very start of the game. 1st dungeon, town squares and a dozen - not more - wilderness squares.. O.o

And freezes begin SUDDENLY: previous square it's OK and game saves / loades like breeze, next square it happens lol :)

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Also getting the level up issue. I selected great strength and got thick skin. Not the worst swap.

Also randomly got Axe skill level and had not even equipped an axe.  If anything it should be Polearm as i am a Heretic.

Thankfully both known and fixed for the next version :)

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First off, loving the game. Here are a few bugs I've found. 

-Once in a while when you're generating a new game and thus a new map, the Ensis HQ gets stuck in an inaccessible ring of mountains. If possible, may want to have a check that sees if it can trace a path back to the start town and if not, change location. Unless this is intended and there's a way to get to it, of course!

-You can get stuck seeing the fast travel map but actually be on the environment maps instead, if you keep walking around in snow that's too tough to move in (For some reason you can still make your guy move around in it) and if you run around until you're too hungry and it forces you to the environment map because you can't fast travel when hungry. I've had it happen with other events a few times but I can't pinpoint the cause, but usually it's some kind of event that takes you to the environment map. Rarely happens when ambushed by enemies. One can usually fix it by going to the next environment map over, and then pressing the map button a few times, but  you cannot do this when too hungry to fast travel.

Hope this helps! Haven't found anything else that's game breaking, or that hasn't already been said. Keep up the great work, this is a great game!

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Hello, I'm gonna guess that this is a bug. I was playing for a while (finally figured out how to not end up dead incredibly fast) and was progressing through a dungeon when I found out about turning permadeath off and saving. So I saved went down the level and realized you could lose limbs (very cool btw), not having enough to re-attach it I killed myself and re-loaded the save. It spawned me back on the level but with only 9 blocks visible, all of them being walls and me stuck unable to escape in the middle of it.

Realizing that character was lost I started again and did some testing. I went to the first room above the drop down and saved. After saving I went into the first level and killed myself by waiting by monsters. Upon reloading the save (and not finding myself displaced in any way) I went into the dungeon guessing that saving in one was caused the issue and immediately encountered another problem, I could damage enemies but was unable to kill them. The damage numbers would keep flying off them as I held down to attack but they refused to take any more damage or die.

Anyway the game is great (although  I still think that walking into my first field after completing the first quest shouldn't result in a bandit fight that kills me [RNG op]) keep up the good work :)

(Small edit) After looking through other comments I wondered if this was a bug: Upon successfully saving and reloading all the things that I have uncovered become covered again (<-worked better in my head, 'loss of what I have seen' might make it clearer).