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Tools need to be included in "until hands empty"

A topic by Classic Niall created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 340 Replies: 7
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I've just started playing, so I don't know if this is a bug, but I tried to get my bots to collect a tool if their hands are empty.

Ideally, collect a tool and use it until it breaks, then go collect another.


Might just be your script. Try changing it to be similar to the one in the image. 

The general storage is used to store the tools.

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I did that, but it just looped through the Repeat section.

However, stopping and starting the bots again reset the loop (although I didn't notice them stopping again).

did you start them off with a tool instead of a random item?

They were empty handed, as was my character.

I'm going to try again once I've got my level sorted :-D

for item movement scripts, have them pick things up until full, then deposit until empty. for things with tools, have them go until empty then go do whatever they do to get another tool. i just make mine make their own tools.

Seems to me this is probably a bug. I had similar problems, so I just made them create the tools for themselves (mind you, it's complicated) and the bug went away.

Maybe put the general storage bizz BEFORE the repeats.