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Pushing Changelogs With Builds?

A topic by SolarLune created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 370 Replies: 3
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Hey, there! 

I was wondering about if there are changelogs under Itch currently, and if so, if it's possible to push a log when you push a new build out? I'm not certain if this is Refinery specific, but it'd be really helpful for continuous development / community interaction.


Hey solarlune!

There are changelogs in itch, although they're not really integrated with the app.

You can see on for example, there's a "Developer Log" section.

After pushing a build, if you visit your page while logged in (so, from the app for example), you'll have the option to write a dev log for the latest version. You'll also have that in the "Edit game page", in the "Devlog" section.

Where you asking whether there's a way to push them programmatically with butler?

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OK, I saw the devlog option, and that is indeed very nice. However, I was thinking about doing it through butler. I was thinking that the user could optionally append to the end of the butler command a string, or a handle to a file that represents a devlog to auto-upload or something. That way, you could, for example, create a devlog or changelog that, say, copies text that you already committed into a version control system. 

It seems like it might be a cool feature to think about, anyway.


The devlog through butler feature would be nice. Would be awesome for hotfixes, small patches and things like that.