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Frequent crash on Windows 10 (pic attached)

A topic by BigHandInSky created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 363 Replies: 6
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Hey, I've been playing the game and have received this crash most times I've played it:

I'm unsure as to the cause yet but it feels as if the backspace/shift keys are part of the issue, it occurs in pretty much any game mode, but I can consistently cause it to happen every time by using the track editor, but I'm not sure when.

I've tried running the game in Admin mode but it still happens.


Thanks for the report, I'll try and reproduce it and get back to you.

Out of curiosity are you running it via app, or standalone?

Through the App. Having played a bit more it seems to be somewhat linked to the backspace key? I'll try playing it standalone tonight and see what happens.

update: I've tried it downloading standalone and it's having the same issue


Hi, thanks for checking, I'm testing on windows 10 now and I'm unable to reproduce the issue, backspace works fine for me.

Are you able to tell me the contents of your $username/AppData/Roaming/impbox/vektor2089/config.ini keymap line?

hi, sorry for the delay, busy couple of days S_S , here's my keyline for the Appdata:

keymap="Up:Up,W;Down:Down,S;Left:Left,A;Right:Right,D;A:Z,T;B:X,H;X:Left Shift,Right Shift,Space;Y:C,R;L1:F;L2:G;R1:V;R2:B;Start:Return;Back:Escape,Backspace"

and for the game files

I reported the crash using Backspace, too: