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First feedback after 1 hour of play time

A topic by eiszfuchs created Jun 05, 2017 Views: 631 Replies: 6
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We just had a lot of fun and totally forgot the time over one hour of play time. We had some minor issues you might find helpful though:

  • The main menu felt laggy and had varying framerates, some screens looked like they had redraw issues. When you opened the menu during a 3-player split screen match, the scrolling text over the lower right screen "smeared" over the screen and everything felt kinda slow.
  • The editor is a bit confusing. I will dig more into it, but what I missed was starting a track from scratch. I pushed all buttons and did not have a clue what I was doing. Maybe I missed a README or so.
  • I've lost two tracks I tried to save because the game crashes when I hit the backspace button on the keyboard. (Like, trying to save under a different name than "TESTTT".)
  • Speed class "S" still felt... a bit slow, actually. And even a friend said that. The overall speed boost between 125 km/h and "S" was quite low. I could use a lot more speed.

But overall, we had a lot of fun! Keep it up! <3


Thanks very much for the feedback!!

I'm curious about the performance issues, can you let me know what kind of hardware + OS you're running on?

New version of the editor is coming soon and should be a lot easier to use as well as documentation.

I'll look into that crash.

I'll likely have some unlockable faster classes but good to know you're reaching the limit of S class, I used to have a faster class but removed it because people said it was too fast, time to bring it back =)

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I'm not exactly using a "gaming rig" at the moment. I tested the game on a Early 2011 15" MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra 10.12.4 so far. (That's a Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB, 2 GHz Intel Core i7, and 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM.)
I screengrabbed something, hope that helps a bit: (I was driving like an idiot because I tried to get to the pause menu by pressing Esc which apparently doesn't work haha.)
(Yes, this looks like that even without using a screen recorder.)

The crash also occurs when I remove all characters including the last one pressing X.

About the speed-- I'm a great fan of the WipEout games, and I especially like the Zone racing mode because the speed increases every second and the only thing you have to care about is your agility. So that's why I like me some insane speed classes. :D


I am having the same screen issues as eiszfuchs. My environment is Windows 8.1 on Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics 4400. The graphics driver version is
It looks like issues related to double buffering and vsync and pushing frame information at the wrong time. Maybe a shader related problem? Whatever effect you want to show on hitting another ship or the bounds of the track is causing the disturbances.




Performance issues may be related to the gif recording. I'd suggest trying to disable it in the options menu to see if that helps at all. It's also possible that it's an intentional "glitch" effect that you're seeing as a bug. Does it affect playability or feeling of speed during races?

I'll try that! It doesn't affect race gameplay as far as I can tell, it's mostly notable while using menus.

Sorry for the delay! Disabling GIF capture does not affect the laggy menus. :(