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Payout in review after 34 days

A topic by x4fab created 9 days ago Views: 114 Replies: 9
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With another payout in review after 17 days. Could it be that something got stuck for some reason?

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Generally if something gets stuck like that it’s due to an issue sending the payment. In this case, PayPal was blocking payments to your PayPal account due to your account limits. In the future please try to send a support request in, that way we can review private account details and get it resolved.


Oh, thank you very much, and sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll try to move payouts to Payoneer, those PayPal limits in Russia are beyond reasonable sometimes.


I’ve mentioned that to the admins, maybe the payout request got stuck somewhere. Hope this is resolved soon.

Thank you very much!

Sorry, but what do you think ETA might be?


Can’t really say, depends on why the payout was delayed that much in the first place. Hopefully it was just stuck somewhere, but can’t confirm.

Got it now, thank you very much!


I'm still waiting for 2 payouts, one initiated 67 days ago and the other one 31 days ago. There is NO support on this platform, I've emailed support 3 times since then and never got any single reply.

As a background information, it seems my issue is probably due to a Payoneer account creation delayed (although everything is 100% ok in its admin panel). Another platform with NO support. I've tried to ask Itch to redirect payouts to my Paypal account with no luck.

It's really frustrating to have 200+ more sales trapped this way.

Admin (1 edit)

I don’t see any active tickets on your account. Did you contact us using the email address that owns the account? Otherwise the email you sent won’t get attached to your account, prioritized, and we’ll only be able to respond with “please reply with the correct email” since it’s related to private account information. Hope that helps

(Also, please try not to reply to other people’s threads, since all you’ve done is notify the person who created this topic, and not someone who can assist you)

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