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Yes! First batch have been released, as sambartle said. If you missed it, we will add more in the next days! :-)

Thank you very much for your review! We're thrilled that you love our game.

Unfortunately, to prepare Oculus Applab migration, the signature of the APK file has changed. You'll have to delete the original to update with the last version, and so sorry for that but yes, you will lose your progress. It shouldn't happen again with the future updates, and with AppLab the updates will be automatic. 

I'm still waiting for 2 payouts, one initiated 67 days ago and the other one 31 days ago. There is NO support on this platform, I've emailed support 3 times since then and never got any single reply.

As a background information, it seems my issue is probably due to a Payoneer account creation delayed (although everything is 100% ok in its admin panel). Another platform with NO support. I've tried to ask Itch to redirect payouts to my Paypal account with no luck.

It's really frustrating to have 200+ more sales trapped this way.

Hi orionsbelt1962,
You have several navigation modes available to avoid punching everything around you: you can choose teleport navigation, or choose the joysticks navigation for a smooth translation. For roomscale navigation, for now, you indeed need a large space of approximately 10x10 ft / 3x3 meters, but we are working on making it smaller!

I have more than 250 sales which are being hold back by Itch, support keeps silent. I requested payout 35 days ago.

Ok so still now news on this, I just feel like will never pay back??? 

Greetings, I initiated a payout 31 days ago, it has still not been processed. I'm concerned since it involve a significative amount of sales. 

I've tried to contact support email twice on this topic, but never got a reply.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We are glad to introduce Sep's Diner, a cooking game designed for the Oculus Quest & Quest 2.

Link to the game :

We have a lot of updates planned, including new recipes, and a multiplayer mode.

The link includes a free demo version, so don't hesitate to grab it - we'd love to hear from you!