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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Feedback, Bugs 'n' Stuff Sticky

A topic by Denki created Jul 12, 2017 Views: 41,175 Replies: 1,421
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Another minor issue that's a bit curious, if you tell a bot to pick up a beacon, he picks up the one you used to instruct him with.

Here's the long story: I instructed the bot called "bot-beacon" to repeatedly make beacons and put them in a storage box. But instead of picking up the unnamed one he just made, he picked up the one from my forest. So I came up with this solution: I made a beacon called "local" and put it next to the assembler factory, and reduced the range down significantly so that he would only ever find the new one he just made, and not one in the forest, except he picked up "local" and put it in the storage box, leaving the brand new unnamed beacon still on the ground.

So.. you could fix it by excluding that beacon from the range, but then if you did actually want to pick up "local" you'd need another beacon to guide to "local". My brain is starting to hurt thinking of all the possibilities. Has anyone else come up with this scenario?

I did something similar.  I created a bot which I named "Beacon" that creates Beacons and then puts them into the "Beacon Storage", as shown below.  I was able to avoid the problem that you are having by making the "Find nearest Beacon" command centered on the spot where the Beacons are created (as indicated by the question mark (?) following the command) rather than centered on a specific Beacon (which would instead be indicated by the blue-and-red symbol) which I'm sure your "bot-beacon" has connected to its "Find nearest Beacon" command and which you said uses the "local" Beacon.  Try changing your bot's commands this way.  Good luck.

The first time it happened, my code looked very similar to yours with the question mark. I got around it by making him wait for 2 seconds before looking for a beacon, that stopped him from finding the forest beacon before the new one was completed.

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Maybe there could be enemy bots that spawn depending on how many bots there are that won't destroy your bots but corrupt them so they will attack you, and to get your bots back you have to attack them with a sword or any weapon and it will only save your bots and not the corruption itsef,

i think  i found a bug without even playing the game  screen color is pink(or purple) i found this bug in 95% of games idk wth its making this happen can somone plz explain

If your screen color is pink or purple even when you are not playing the game then the problem is not with the game,  The problem is with your computer.  You might want to try taking it to a computer repair place or getting a new computer.

thank you it might be because i made an upgrade to my pc it's not huge like change graphics card or processor but all the programs /games i have is still working as intended and it's my frist time trying idk it was like this before upgrade but also all games i downloaded frm itch don't work either it doesn't even start or it makes black screen and audio only playing and also the purple screen problem I didn't encounter any problems with anything else than itch. Io games 

But thank u anyways

I found a bug.

When you store any tool (Tested on axe, pickaxe,shovel) and then take it out, it will have full durability.(I guess, you are not saving durability in storages.)


Thanks. This will be fixed in the new version we will release on Steam

Thank you for that information, Denki.  Since there hasn't been any announcements here for over 50 days, I'm sure your fans appreciate any news on your progress.

Found it listed on Steam this morning.  Wishlisted and anxiously awaiting the release.



hello alI can not find the Crude Mortar Mixer is normal?

From the "Research" group of equipment, build the "Stir Research Station" on or near the sand using 5 planks and 1 pole.  Grab a bucket and use it to take about 20 buckets of sand and put each one into the "Stir Research Station".  After the research has completed, a message will be shown about a new blueprint that can be found in the "Misc" group of equipment for the "Crude Mortar Mixer", which then can be made using 5 planks and 1 pole.  Mortar can be made in the Mixer using 1 clay, 1 bucket of sand, and 1 bucket of water.

I cannot build the blueprint

So I got 4 planks for general storage and I right clicked the blueprint w/ the planks in my hand and nothing happend

To build an object from its blueprint, the blueprint must first be placed in the world somewhere, which is done by clicking on the desired blueprint from the list on the left and dragging it to the desired location in the world.  The blueprint cannot overlap other placed objects or blueprints, which would cause the blueprint to appear in red and prevent it from being dropped.

The following blueprint objects must be placed on "Simple Flooring" rather than on bare ground:  Crude Bench Saw, Basic Workbench, Bench Saw, Metal Workbench, Wood Router, Kitchen Table.  The Simple Flooring needs to be created before those objects' blueprints can be placed upon it.  You will usually need to place several Simple Floorings adjacent to one another to have enough room for several desired objects. 

Once the blueprint has been placed, it may be rotated if desired by pressing key R as many times as needed.  Then drop the required logs, planks, poles, etc. that are in your hands onto the blueprint, one by one, by right clicking on the blueprint.  Once all of the required parts have been added, the blueprint will be replaced with the actual object. 

whenever I load up the game the screen turns purple and it says autonauts  has stopped working how do I fix this.


Can you send you the output_log.txt file please? If you're on PC you'll find it in the Autonauts_Data folder

I cant find it anywhere.

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It should be a folder inside where you installed the game. If you can't see it that means you didn't unzip it properly. How did you unzip it?

I have two issues with the bots, sorry if these have already been addressed but I found nothing by searching.

1: When I'm trying to edit a bot program but it has already done a step like "pick up x" and I start the program again it gets stuck trying to pick up x.

2: This is a big problem if I have a large pile of X and it's standing in the middle of it because I can no longer click the bot.  The only way to fix it is to destroy the program and make the bot move somewhere else so I can take stuff out of its hand.  This is not fun.  I don't have storage for everything yet so I have big piles of stuff until I can get everything organized.

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I have a steam bug, after my first play of the steam release the second time i tried to open, the window was so small it was only the minimize, the unusable maximize and the close buttons regularly in the top right corner, it still seems to work normally based off of the sound but i cant play

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