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Dark fantasy romance, lots of dialog choices. · By Rolling Crown

Question & co

A topic by Alhio created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 685 Replies: 11
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Hey! Just wanted to say: I really like your game, the art is super cool and the story quite interesting!

A little question though: do you know approximately when the next chapter will come out? -sorry if you already answered that question, I m just really eager to play the rest of the game! :D-

Anyway, have a nice day &thanks again for this cool game !


Hello and thank you for your feedback. Chapter 3 will be out around mid August.

So, I have this game on steam, and the game updated today, does that mean that chapter 3 was released? And if it was, I checked on it, and it didn't seem to update the third chapter.

I think I read on Steam that the 3rd chapter will come out on the 21 of august... Not  sure though, maybe it came out before?


Chapter 3 is out now (the previous updates were something else).

Hi! sorry for bothering you but I downloaded this game to my mac but when i unzipped it and clicked on the icon, all it does is bring me to this "Default game" where its all grey and it just says nw.js. Obviously I'm doing something wrong I just don't know what, sorry and thanks!


That sounds like the game can't find the rest of its resources. The needs to be in the same folder with all the files that were packaged with it. Maybe you should re-download and extract the whole archive again.

Hi, i've been allowed to play this game from a friend and i've instantly been mesmerized. Gonna buy it today too on Steam because i need to have it myself. Since the name of this Thread was Question & co i thought i could throw my question in^^. Will there someday be merchandise? i would be all in for a Shirt, i was thinking of making one myself, with a picture from the game, but i don't know if we're allowed to do that? 


I don't know if we're going to make official t-shirts yet. It's ok to make one for yourself, or did you mean commercial t-shirts?

I meant only one shirt for myself, it would have the Picture with the name of the game and the hand from Bright holding the blade on it, and the other picture i wanted to put on it was from the trailer when the line "how can you tell friends from traitors?" shows^^


You'd be welcome to make that for yourself, and wear it in public. :D Maybe in the future I'll come up with some shirts as well.

Yay thank you very much! :D