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Is the Steam-Version of the game different in any way (contentwise)?

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I just played your demo and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
I feel like this will be an amazing game when it is finished. The demo has already been so good and pulled me in very quick! 

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Yeah, at the beginning it seemed like it would be a male protagonist^^

I have found the letter. 

I'm looking forward to your next chapter :) 

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Hey there, I just played your game, usually I'm not one for games with a male protagonist (If it is not BL), but I saw you on Twitter and got interested, so here are my thoughts:

The music is wonderful, it gives a nice atmosphere to the different scenarios! Also I really loved some of the backgrounds too!


There are many, many writing errors, (Just to mention one right in the beginning, you wrote "I wish you was here" which should be "I wish you were here") so you should definitely let somebody else read over it again and correct those.
It can happen that we don't see our own mistakes when writing, that is why it is essential to have at least one other person proofread (which should in that case be native english), don't let it bring you down, it happens to all of us. I have read that you have been working on this project all alone, and I think that is impressive. Keep up the good work, and I'm curious to know how this story will end. 

Will Yanagi get another stance? D: 
It would be weird if he's always kind of jumping/running

I think there are many dev's that feel the same way after finishing to create a game (I've read about it on twitter), you are not alone. <3 Don't let it bring you down and don't forget to reward yourself, because after working hard and completing a whole game, you really deserve that!! You are amazing! Thank you for bringing us all the wonderful games!


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Thank you for the quick response! 
I see! That explains it! :D 
Ah! I see, so the song will be added, thank you! :D
And as someone who is struggling to get good endings in most of the games I play, I really appreciate that you added the hearts! :)

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Congratulations on the release!
I've just started playing, and as one of the people who wanted Harun to have a good ending, I wanted to say: The ending you have written for him was SO GOOD! I wish it never ended!! The characters look AMAZING. Every CG is just so gorgeous!! I also LOVE the backgrounds! And also I wanted to ask: Is there a Link for the song at the end? (I would like to listen to it in full) And another question: Is it normal that on some of the right decisions you can see a Heart next to the character, but on others you don't (I mean Harun)? I wanted to replay his good ending right away but I just can't seem to get it again xD

So cool! Good luck everyone! 

I just read "May's Update" on the Kickstarter page which now leaves a question open, is Guillam's route only going to be a short route? Or did I misunderstand? 

Woooooooo! I can't wait! :D

Suiza :D

Wow what a bummer, I didn't know they quit. Thank you very much for the info! 

Any news about the game? Can't find it. Last ones are from Feb. o-o

They wrote: Please take note that this is an early access to our game and you can only play the prologue at first. The chapters from the playable characters will be updated at later date.

So I guess that answers that question :)

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Thank you for the quick answer! 

I found the steam key now! (it was on the page where I can download the game I bought) Edit: My Library > Download Love Ritual > Claim Steam Key

Thank you for the wonderful game! (I absolutely LOVE the art) 


Hi there again! Do you already know when the Steam keys will be ready? :D

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Actually it's better if you release on itch. Steam wants 30% where itch only wants 10. 

I hope your artist gets better soon! 

And I hope you are not too stressed! (and thanks for updating)

Edit: I forgot to mention I love your demo! :)

Congrats on the release! :D
Will there be steam keys for this game? ^^

I think the partial option would be nice for fans who can't wait anymore!
(For me personally, I'd wait for the completed Game, but I'm sure there are a lot people who would play it before that if it was partially released)

I'm looking forward to this game! <3
I hope you are doing well! 

Thanks for letting us know! Good luck!!! <3

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Wow! I'm impressed! The music is wonderful, the art of the background is gorgeous, and so are the characters! I really hope to see more! I also love the writing ! :D

I've just finished all three good endings and some bad, the voices were a good choice! First I thought I'd like Marc's good ending the most, but now Pol's is my favorite. I really liked the story, writing, art, and puzzles! I really enjoyed this game! Thank you for that! I'm looking forward to your next projects! :D

I found this game good too!

Got pulled in right away :D

I hope to see more!

Ahh i see! Thanks for answering anyways! :)

Are there steam keys for the one's who purchased it on

Wanna have it in my lib there too xD <3

Yay thank you very much! :D

I meant only one shirt for myself, it would have the Picture with the name of the game and the hand from Bright holding the blade on it, and the other picture i wanted to put on it was from the trailer when the line "how can you tell friends from traitors?" shows^^

Hi, i've been allowed to play this game from a friend and i've instantly been mesmerized. Gonna buy it today too on Steam because i need to have it myself. Since the name of this Thread was Question & co i thought i could throw my question in^^. Will there someday be merchandise? i would be all in for a Shirt, i was thinking of making one myself, with a picture from the game, but i don't know if we're allowed to do that? 

Can't wait for the full game!  Like the demo very much! :D


Just played the demo :D

Can't wait for it to be fully released! ^-^

I just read that Harun won't be an option in the comments, which i find a little sad. 

I really loved this game! I guess you have a new fan now! :D

Looking forward to any games you might make in the future!