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Congratulations on the release!
I've just started playing, and as one of the people who wanted Harun to have a good ending, I wanted to say: The ending you have written for him was SO GOOD! I wish it never ended!! The characters look AMAZING. Every CG is just so gorgeous!! I also LOVE the backgrounds! And also I wanted to ask: Is there a Link for the song at the end? (I would like to listen to it in full) And another question: Is it normal that on some of the right decisions you can see a Heart next to the character, but on others you don't (I mean Harun)? I wanted to replay his good ending right away but I just can't seem to get it again xD


Yay, thank you for your kind words!

I decided not to add purple hearts to Harun, to add a bit of mystery around him :)

As for the ending song, is by MyëVe, but I don't think she has ever uploaded it to youtube (She made Chasing the Stars song, too). I'll tell her to share it publicly if she hasn't done it yet. And when I add the full credits you'll have the chance of listening to it in the game!

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Thank you for the quick response! 
I see! That explains it! :D 
Ah! I see, so the song will be added, thank you! :D
And as someone who is struggling to get good endings in most of the games I play, I really appreciate that you added the hearts! :)